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  1. Best way to find a leak is to use soapy water spray bottle, the leak shows up as bubbles venting from the leak point. Works every time and V cheap.
  2. Thanks for the info Devon it’s greatly appreciated and the site is a great sounding board, I’ll investigate what is involved and whether i can do it myself or if I need the dealer to reprogram ECU to new SCV and if so what the rough cost will be.
  3. Both codes come up simultaneously so guessing turbo pressure is just a symptom of the fuel issue. Cannot see any external fuel leak so suspect injector nozzle issue (Hence injector purge), car runs fine and sits at idle without missing a beat and the live data also looks good. I was looking to see if anyone had come across the same symptoms/issue and could narrow down the search and cost.
  4. Chances are it is coming in via the window seal then running down inside of door, pour water over the window and look for any leakage on the bottom of the door.
  5. Auris 2.0 D4D going into limp mode with Fault codes P0093 (Fuel system leak detected- Large leak) and P0106 (Manifold absolute pressure/barometric pressure circuit range performance problem). There is no common symptom it can go 50 miles without an issue and at other times it can fault 3 times in 10 miles. Tried fitting a new fuel filter (Bosch) and putting 500Ml of Liqui moly diesel purge. Any and all thoughts greatly appreciated.
  6. Tugg

    Code Reader

    Cheers Dean, I’ll download Techstream and grab a OBD2 cable.
  7. Tugg

    Code Reader

    Hi all, just joined the forum. The engine check light has came on and l need to find out what the issue is without paying a fortune just to have the code read and so am looking for advice on the best reader for general occasional use. Should anyone in the Markinch area and have a reader and could help me out that would be greatly appreciated until I pick up a reader.