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  1. Maybe that's where I'm having trouble then. When I speak to parts suppliers they all want the vin number though.
  2. Ok I've taken a look and there is definitely only 2 sensors. Must be just before they put the other ones on. I can't find my vin number anywhere. Checked all the usual locations under the bonnet front window on the dash, inside doors. Under plastic clip under bonnet. Anyone any idea where it could be?
  3. It's funny though I can only see 2 sensors under the bonnet of the car. Can't see any under on the exhaust. Need to have another look
  4. I managed to get it working with car scanner app from the playstore. Getting p0155 oxygen sensor, bank 2 sensor 1 heater malfunction. Does anyone know the location of this? Kind regards Steven
  5. My car is a Japanese import. Do you think that's the problem. I am using Bluetooth scanner and torque android app. Is there a way to change country?
  6. Hi I wonder if anyone can help me. I am having problems connecting my OBD2 scanner to the ECU on my car. I have tried 2 scanners and no dice. I am getting power to the scanner but no connection to the ECU. I have checked the ecu-b fuse and it is fine. Is there an ecu-a fuse that I'm missing somewhere? Also is there a way I can test faulty pins with a multimeter. I definitely have power though it just won't connect to the ECU. Any help greatly appreciated. Kind regards Steven