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  1. Thanks both, I’ll take a look. Disks need changing and a service is due so I’m expecting to be off the road for a few days anyway
  2. Hi My 83000 miler is doing ok except... when the hybrid battery has run down and I’m either parking or in heavy traffic (so presumably the petrol engine is driving the traction motor as a generator) there is a bag of nails sound coming from rear nearside. Naturally it soon stops as the battery gets a bit of charge or the car gets moving. I’m getting a service and MOT next week and expecting to get a bit of work done. Also there is a mechanical warranty. The mechanic I use is great so I’m sure it’ll be sorted but I’d be interested to know if anyone else has had this?
  3. Thanks Heidfirst, the wheel spec. corresponds to my variant details so I've ordered it, I'll post again with the result
  4. Thanks! To be fair the very polite young man serving me didn't seem like someone who would think outside the corporate box he was trained in. So I have to ask the parts counter (or customer component request consultant or whatever they call them now) to put in the reg for an Auris supplied with a spacesaver. That's very helpful.
  5. For that ripoff price they can pay for a new cat and car hire😡
  6. Like most people who grew up with jacks and wheel braces I don’t trust aerosols. Today I asked my local T dealer about a space saver wheel. Computer said no. Actually it said I have to buy a new polystyrene insert and a boot floor mat. Because otherwise the wheel is going to move around. I don’t know if they will make me buy a new insert if I put a suitcase in the boot? What a load of 💩 Has anyone has found a space saver compatible with a 2015 Auris?
  7. Just had mine fitted, £250 for £20 worth of metal. But that’s ok because I had my own service advisor and they washed the car and blacked the tyres🤣😂
  8. I've owned a 3 year old Auris hybrid for about a month - I've had loads of cars and this is one of the best!
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