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  1. Replace the stork common with Toyota’s
  2. Definitely diy job euro car parts
  3. Got some new indicator bulbs off CYLED had a load of bulbs off him for other people over the last 2 years and been really impressed with the quality and the service. I done the side repeaters and the fronts and I didn’t tell him the right rear ones and I think we was getting our wires crossed 😂. Well happy with the out come tho before afterbefore after
  4. Easy done 3 of my mates now takes me 30 mins on the floor that hardest bit is getting the back two bolts in.
  5. Hey everyone just on my Catloc today. Thinking of fitting it Saturday as I have the day off. Have 3 more to fit on friends cars. Ordered 3 cost me £200 inc
  6. Evening all I’m thinking of getting roof box for my 2014 Auris hybrid touring. can you get a rack for the rails ? Or do you need to get heavy duty roof bars ?
  7. They have to prove they are led or hid for them to fail.
  8. You don’t want to be putting cooper slip in door hinges or wheel bolts. We stopped doing that in the 50’s 😉. clear grease or silicone spray is best. I don’t but grease on because it just lets the dirt stick to the grease turning it into a grinding paste
  9. Kineticsteve


    Mine come on when the car is in ready, so everything is live. Parking brake on or off
  10. Only if there led bulbs in a projection head lamp. As you won’t lose the beam image hid bulbs make the head lamp lens get hot and dirt gets baked on. So you need head lamp washers. led bulbs don’t give out any heat.
  11. Had an Auris come in Monday for an mot with poor beam pattern, 2013 I just put a new hir2 bulb in as the Element has Expanded ( the bulb was old ) beam image was perfect after. then talked them into putting led upgrades in which I fitted today funny enough
  12. Sorry that’s what I meant specification 😔
  13. When you do the oil and filter change I would put in a stop smoke and a diesel treatment. the stop smoke conditions the seals. You might have a valve seal that’s gone hard oh and make sure what ever oil you use it’s the right specification. just because it says 5w30 or 0w20 it may be the wrong grade
  14. Did you buy it from a dealer or 2nd hand dealer.
  15. Sounds to me like they are trying to pull a fast one. could you try and put your phone in between the spokes of the wheels and take a picture of the thickness of the pads, and the tread of the tyres. Would help in helping you. To be honest if the brakes are squeaking on your car it’s more than likely to be the rear pads sticking in the Caliper carrier. needs the rear pads taken out and the thin metal shims removing and Filed smooth and the shims. The shims are sprayed black and over time the paint comes away and dirt gets under it, then that causes it to rust. Which causes it to expand and stops the pads moving freely.
  16. Yes it it in a reflector headlamp. Also they wouldn’t pass the mot as they wouldn’t have the beam image seen in the pictures. My headlamps are projection headlamps (fish eyes/ gold fish bowl) type
  17. I got them from horizon led. I ordered the Phillips hir2 but they offered me an upgrade to newer ones as the Phillips have been discontinued. Just checked on there website they’ve still not put them up. £125
  18. Hey everyone I’ve put led hir2 bulbs in my 2014 Auris touring hybrid a few weeks ago and not had any problems with people flashing me. The other day I took the car into work to put on the beam setter to see if it would pass an mot and the beam image is spot on. That is a picture of the left and right headlamp. The kick up is ok and the image is the same as the halogen bulbs that would of been fitted as standard. As an mot test myself and looking at the book many times I still can’t see any reason why they should fail.
  19. I’ll have a tomorrow tomorrow morning see with we have a wiring diagram
  20. Well from what everyone is saying maybe I’ll give them another go. To be far tho I’ve not put them on my Auris.
  21. Cc are soft and don’t last as long. Personally I would go for the primacy 4 less road noise. Good in the wet and the heat. Ok not as good in snow but the way I look at it is rather not drive In the level of snow they are good at. Yeah you have grip and stopping power but it’s everyone else that doesn’t have descent tyres driving about that will crash into you.
  22. If you have give me a year, engine type (if not size ) I can see if I can post up a wiring diagram tomorrow
  23. Hi have you tried unplugging everything on the fuse windows, radio, bulbs and disconnecting that starter (tape up the ends) then trying to start? (Obviously it won’t start 🙄) well first replace the fuse just go to start it to see it the fuse blows straight away. If it does start with radio the try unplugging things one at a time leaving them unplugged.
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