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  1. THank you for the reply, so I've solved the horn problem a couple of days ago. I tested the spade that goes into the horn. Although it looked good it was not showing a live but the wire was so I cut the spade off and attached a new one and the horn now works. Just the flashing airbag light now.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I've tried a squib last week and nothing, still the same. It come up with a new fault regardingvthecsquib after fitting but cleared. I have so far changed both front seats and the squib. Thevcarcisca money put so far.
  3. Hi all. My 2006 Aygo airbag light flashes and no horn when pressed. It was how I g no faults but when checked with a more advanced computer it come up with both passenger and drivers airbag restraints. All wires fine under seats so cleared the fault but still flashes but Gault not showing anymore. I went and purchased 2 new front seats but still flashing. As for the horn, I got a new horn, checked all the fuses and nothing. There is a obvious relay clicking from within the fuse box when the horn is pressed but I can not see this but can feel the click inside. Any help appreciated. Tha you