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  1. I am told estore ‘is coming’ - they are relaunching the connected services, and the key personnel in the branches should be being trained over the next couple of weeks (this is certainly the case in Macclesfield). Thanks for the tip about SIRI, hadn’t worked that one out yet! Searching for petrol and parking is done via the navigation app. Click to bring up the left menu (where you can adjust zoom, select route type etc) and click the 3 dots - this will present you with a couple more options including nearest fuel stations with live pricing as well as parking options. Again, not the easiest to find... You do have to get your dealer to sort out the MyT connected app, for now you get history of all your trips, some tips and analysis (shows you when the car was in EV or normal mode, when you drove more economically or agressivley etc). It also provides tracking to the current location of your car (if you don’t already have that through iPhone/google). Also give your current mileage and keeps track of servicing data etc. It’s not ground breaking, but since it costs nothing to get Toyota to set it up, why not - may be that additional functionality is added later. I was told by my dealer that CarPlay will be available in April/May and will cost £150 standalone, or £50 if the car is in for a service. They should have been supplying this from the new year, but apparently there was an issue with the in car microphone not working well with Siri, so I believe the upgrade kit involves a software update, but also installation of a different microphone array. Now you know as much as I do, but please do keep swapping tips, I am sure there is a lot not covered in the standard literature. Nick.
  2. I don’t know about the older revisions of the Rav 4, this one is my first, but when I search using the in car satnav, I get an additional option when tethered to my phone that says ‘search with google’ but this may depend on all sorts of variants in the spec, I guess.
  3. Apple car play will be awesome, but for info if you set your phone up as a hotspot for the car, you can use google search with the in car satnav already (works with standard search and POI as well as getting fuel prices, nearest parking, speed camera updates etc. Also enables google street view for destination etc. I still have had no luck with estore and downloading any apps, but the tech guru at my local Toyota is going to a training exercise next week where they will apparently cover all the Toyota connected tech updates, so hopefully will get some insight after that.
  4. NJHUK

    2019 Rav4 eStore

    Stone else tried this successfully yet? I have estore installed, but when I click on it I just get version information and confirmation it is installed. I don’t get offered any apps at all. My t is working (getting drive information) and traffic and poi downloads work. My Toyota London is also fine, just no apps.
  5. Try driving in a multi-storey car park if there is one handy nearby, open the windows and/or moon roof and you can really hear it then. Also, the volume is higher in reverse than forward gears.
  6. I ordered September 11th, delivered Jan 27th. Company lease vehicle, and it was AWD if that makes a difference....
  7. True, but it does mean you get a load of extra space to chuck all your usual boot junk, warning triangle, ice scraper, gloves, washer juice etc.
  8. I was told carplay will be £50 if done when the car is in for a service, £150 if not.
  9. Took me a while to work this one out too, ODO is the total mileage, then trip a and trip b, hold the button in to change the brightness one setting per second or so...
  10. That was the annoying thing about the trim levels, I think the beige is only available in the Excel, and I wanted the Dynamic, which didnt come with choice of seats at all as they were defined in the spec... Still, I did go for the moonroof, so at least when the cover is back there is a lot more light coming in... The accent stitching gives it a bit more interest too, I guess.
  11. Hi, see my answer to MrBee, what I think you can hear is just the Electric motor kicking in. You can miss the AVAS sound as it starts before you even start moving. There was a video earlier in the thread where someone had recorded their car making the sound.
  12. Easiest test is simply to put it in drive or reverse with your foot on the brake. The AVAS noise starts even before the car starts moving. So if there is no ‘additional’ noise when you put it in gear, then no AVAS, and presumably MY19.
  13. I registered my radio in the MyT app, but to be honest, I’m not sure what that has gained me. It is also suggesting that I also need to get the dealer to do something, but not sure what...
  14. Have to agree on the light switches, bizarre not to illuminate them when all the cubby holes are lit up like a disco. But then, no light in the glove box either? Also, turn the ignition off before hitting the boot switch and good luck finding that too (use the force?). You would have thought in the MY20 or MY20.5 they would have had this feedback and done something about it, another couple of fibre optics from the dash and problem solved... Still, if these are the only things I can think of to grumble about, then I guess its not so bad. PS - love the colour, would have been my first choice, but her indoors wanted the obsidian blue, which is very nice, but doesn’t look ‘stealth’ like yours. It does look good with the black roof accents though, to be fair.
  15. Just FYI, mine make the AVAS noise wether in forward or reverse ‘gear’. It does change cycle depending on the speed of the vehicle, and seems to fade out when I get to around 20mph