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  1. Thanks very much for your help, the problem is driving me mad
  2. Can anyone point me in the direction to obtain a wiring diagram. I purchased a 2018 Aygo (2019 model) which had been hit at the front, it required a new bumper,reinforcer bar ,radiators and the nearside chassis pulling 30mm. Drove the car into the garage all things working ok. The body repairer said he would like to remove the engiine to make it easy to pull the chassis leg, started to take out the wiring loom then after about 30 mins he said he could manage without removing the engine. Repairs carried out to the car but on start up the engine runs fine but we have no sat nav ,radio, air con,elec mirrors, wipers, all the warning lights on the speedo are lit up and do not go out when the engine is running the tyre pressure and STOP sign are flashing all the time I have checked the wiring loom to see if is connected correctly and all looks good. any ideas? cheers john