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  1. Brilliant thanks very much. I'll update once I've managed to do something about it. This is the only video I've found on youtube and it confirms that bumper needs to be removed!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Neil. Yes by the looks of apart from the liner I may need to remove the grill as well as remove or at least lower the bumper unless the unit can be somehow lifted up and out.
  3. Hi folks The nearside headlight unit on my Estima has developed a fair amount of condensation recently so I am planning to remove it in order to try and find the source of the leak and essentially seal it if possible. I can see the 2 bolts at the top but not sure what else is holding the unit in place. Having looked at some photos of units for sale on Ebay it appears that there may only be one other bolt holding it which by the looks of it would be accessible from underneath the car from the inside of the wing. Would appreciate any info. Cheers
  4. Does this method work for the Toyota Estima? I do not have the tech stream software but just wondering if anyone has tried it on an Estima?! Thanks
  5. Thanks for that suggestion furtula. I've already done that and got the same answer "initial check". I would just like to know if other Estima hybrid owners get the same message at startup?! Cheers
  6. Ok so according to my Japanese friend it says initial check but if anyone knows otherwise please share. Cheers
  7. Just bought my first Estima Hybrid and noticed that just before Ready is displayed, it beeps and this message is displayed. I had the Lexus RX400 hybrid where it displayed a similar message and turned out that the petrol filling cap hadn't been tightened fully. I am hoping this is something trivial like that! Any input will be appreciated. Cheers