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  1. There are two versions of starter motor the original is a 28100-0Y090 however I fitted the 28100-0Y091 as it appears to be a superseded part and is fitted to the newer models. Tools required. Referring to head size rather than bolt thread size. 10mm spanner/socket. Flat blade screwdriver for the starter push connector. 14mm socket with extensions and universal joint for the 2 x starter retaining bolts. 12mm socket for the starter power cable nut. Some patience. I disconnected and removed the battery using 10mm socket for battery posts and battery clamps (negative first). This allows access to the upper bolt which is 14mm, required Universal Joint and short extension to get to it without having to remove the battery tray and cable harness. Had I in possession an electric ratchet the car battery would not require removal. In hindsight, should have just cracked loose the top bolt rather than remove completely. Better to remove this bolt last. Jack the car and support on axle stands - did not need to be too high but depends on your body type. From underneath remove the starter cable retaining bracket (mounted onto starter motor) held by a short 10mm bolt. Unclip the purple exciter cable (not sure if that is correct term) there is a little mound that requires pushing with screwdriver to release the clip. The red power cable has a cap of the top of the stud connection which in hinged to access the nut so try not to break it, undo nut using 12mm socket and push the cables out the way. The bottom retaining bolt is also 14mm easy enough to crack loose then using a stubby ratchet spent a long time removing it, the threads are frustratingly long for some reason. Remove the top bolt and the start motor should fall, then manoeuvre out behind the driveshaft. Refitting is reverse sequence however make sure the plastic shield in in place from the top of engine. Its like a half moon shape black plastic spacer. I inserted the bottom bolt in loosely and then ensured the sheild and top bolt were back in fully before spending an age getting the bottom bolt back in.
  2. Hi Advisory on MOT in UK - Stop lamp(s) non-obligatory stop lamp not working Central [4.3.1(a)(ii)] Toyota wanted £130 for the LED strip so I thought I would just replace the internals myself as there is no justification for that price for 6 LED's. I did not get all steps in photos but hopefully explanation is clear. Removed by opening hatch, pull off black rectangle trim with fingers, then with fingers pinched in the metal retaining clips and removed from car from outside, unplugged the 2 core cable. Remove the 2 metal clips, the white plug by pry gently. The red bit removed with screwdriver down the side pressing 2 tabs removes the whole diffuser. Remove the cable connector by prying and the PCB slides out of the 3 holders. Once fitting dismantled could not see anything obvious failed so no point wasting time testing it. From my stash of LED strip lights (Electrican by trade) I found an IP rated 12V RGB strip where the LED roughly lined up the same and trimmed to same length 20cm. Soldered on some blue and white tri-rated cable to match what was in the car about 100mm long. Soldered the White cable onto the LED strip+12V and the blue onto the R. Then crimped on narrow male spade insulated red connectors Tab size: 2.8 x 0.8mm. Clipped back into the clear diffuser and then pushed into the red bit. Took back to the car and from outside connected the cables to match colour. Turn on ignition and tested with braking. Insulated connections using electrical tape. Clipped fitting back into place by inserted and the whole thing from outside (will have to remove again as seal not very good so that will need replacing before winter). Then refitted the black cover. I cannot recall part number for the LED strip it is just leftovers from a 5 metre colour changing roll. You could use white as well as the red bit has no clear bits. Hope it makes sense any questions let me know.
  3. Shipping costs will vary depending on location. Keeping coming up with upload failed. Wheel bolts Air cowls Centre dash Clocks/instrument cluster with cowl Hand brake centre console One cam cover Side repeaters Tool bag Washer bottle
  4. Hi tried breakerlink however they just came back to me with new parts at new parts prices. I am looking for used parts with factory painted finish so if anyone knows of any Yaris specialists please list.
  5. Going to have a garage clear out in a few weeks time will be selling the parts I have from when I used to own a gti back at the start of the millennium. I will get postage quotes and am willing to send worldwide. Will load images once taken.
  6. Hi - I have just ordered 5w30 fully synthetic C3 oil for 1.33 6 speed any advice on where to buy the oil filter removal tool?
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