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  1. Yes, that is an old and effective method.
  2. Press and hold the close button on the key fob and simultaneously press the open button twice. This isolates the key fob therefore no transmission to the car! Simples!!!
  3. Following Devon Argo’s advice previously I reported the fault to my dealer who test drove the car and found the “click” when the roof was on tilt. New parts ordered and fitted and so far (touch wood) a nice quiet RAV4 when the roof is on tilt. Many thanks to Devon Aygo for his advice and my apologies for not thanking him earlier.
  4. Exactly the same as my HEV Excel
  5. Deborah, depending on your salesperson they may tell you to turn the boot floor upside down as it is rubberised on the reversible side of the the boot cover! On saying that I really hope you get them to supply the Toyota floor covering. I have it and it is pretty good. Good luck.
  6. You need to connect your phone to the USB port in front of the gear stick. Make sure in set-up that you select AndroidAuto instead of Toyota. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi Sandra - did you get the rattle sorted?
  8. Exactly what I found when I started using AA. Adjusting via the cars menu option works.
  9. Zoot2

    MyT app update

    Yep - I get exactly the same.
  10. Zoot2

    MyT app update

    On the update it says - for selected models. I suppose it depends on the model but the update does not identify which models!
  11. If using Waze the speedo shows 70mph but Waze shows between 3 and 4mph less - ie gps signal shows 67mph. Whether you trust that or not is up to the driver. As far as I’m aware all cars have a slight deviation from the actual speed.
  12. Zoot2

    RAV4 2019/21

    It’s obviously a Toyota Server issue as I too am using Virgin Media connection which downloads updates on my Mac extremely quickly. Also with the map download, the download is set for UK & Ireland only (set by request to my dealer) and it still took ages to download and install.
  13. Zoot2

    RAV4 2019/21

    Downloaded it today via WiFi with no problems. Just amazed how long it takes.
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