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  1. I received a letter from Toyota UK today advising that the Roadside Assistance for my RAV4 has been extended by three months, at no charge, due to this horrible pandemic. Well done Toyota UK. Keep well and safe everyone!
  2. I’d check with them the actual update they want to charge £150 for. I use the dealer in York and as I only got mine on 1st March I think all the updates were done before collection. But not the Apple/Android thingy as that isn’t available until sometime in May I think.
  3. Are you sure the £150 is to update the maps? I’m maybe wrong but that sounds like installing the Apple Car Play / Android thingy when not having a service. Where in Yorkshire is your dealer?
  4. Took delivery of my new RAV4 this morning! After a 6 month wait all I can say is “it was very well worth the wait!” Took “the Beast” for a run of around 113. mixed road miles (A & B roads along with dual carriageways and through a couple of villages) and the mpg according to the onboard computer was 50.1mpg. I’m not complaining about that! The car is so far is certainly comparable with the Lexus NX300h Premium I part exed for. Most of the premium goodies on the Lexus are on the RAV4. I hope to give updates on regular intervals.
  5. Hi - I asked the sales person (got to be PC!!!) and he said he hadn’t heard it. I’m back there on Tuesday and I’ll try and find out. With the car landing in the UK in late December I doubt it will have AVAS. Only time will tell.
  6. Ordered mine on 22 August (Excel AWD, silver blade, grey interior and premium pack) unloaded from ship on 28 December and arrived at dealer on 20 January. I take delivery on 1st March. The agreement with the dealership was if it was delivered to them in December then I would take delivery then, if not delivery to me would be 1st March for the “20” registration. This hopefully will help when the time comes to trade-in. I’ve had a look at the car and I’m very pleased with my colour combination choice! The original delivery date to the dealer was around the 17th February. As delivery to me is just less than 3 weeks away I’m getting impatient!!! It’s been a loooooong wait!
  7. Probably not the correct ship, but mine arrived at the end of December on the Sirius Highway.
  8. Mine arrived at the dealer yesterday according to the email received from Toyota. Checked the recall checker thingy with my VIN and it shows “no recalls” BUT no Year is listed. Ordered on 22 August and I am taking delivery on 1 March so I assume it will be a MY19. Roll on 1 March!
  9. I contacted my dealer last week and was advised they have a delivery date to them of 20 January. The Toyota app still shows “processing” - I’ve arranged a handover time and date for the 1st of March so in theory, when I come to sell it, it will be registered on 1st March. (This due to private reg number).
  10. Hi - my delivery date is one day before yours! The Toyota app is still showing “processing” on my car as well. Don’t know when the system will change to build! I think I read on another post somewhere that a member still had processing on the site when it was delivered to the dealer.
  11. Hi Teresap, I ordered my RAV4 on 22 August and was given the date as being 16 February. So that all seems to gel. Like you, I’m waiting until March 1st for delivery. I have a personal plate which is being put on the RAV4, but the ‘20 reg will probably help when it needs re-registering in a future trade-in. My order is also still showing “processing” Time until delivery is dragging too slowly!