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  1. Yes key fob battery is new and battery has been tested on, off, when car died at dealership and it always tests fine. I brought it to a new Toyota dealer yesterday so hoping when they do diagnostics Thurs they can find the issue.
  2. I had it at the dealer and will change dealers Monday because I have low confidence where it’s at. I had it at two other garages and they all say battery checks out fine and no loose connections. Now whether they actually checked key slot or fuses or lights I can’t say for sure although they say they have. I’m not so handy with cars so relying on the mechanics which has proven useless and costly. I am changing dealerships in hopes that new eyes can possible figure this out. It is weird how symptoms changed though from flat out dead to not starting with door ajar light on to trying a few times without success then putting key fob in as opposed to in console. Anyway still eager to hear others feedback if anyone has ideas since car will be sitting at dealer until they can look at it Thursday. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for folks that have weighed in. I have been getting it jumped under the hood each time and also bought a jump starter off of Amazon just in case. Very discouraging that this is happening. Very I tersting that RAV4 Hybrid has similar issues (?) as I was literally a few months away from buying one and now I am seriously reconsidering. Still hopeful that someone who reads this may have a suggestion as to what the actual problem is. Thanks!
  4. I have done a lot of research on this issue and see others have had similar/same issue and I don’t see resolution. My 2008 Prius was totally dead about a month ago for no apparent reason after I had just driven it 2 hours before. I had it jumped and all was well. 3 weeks later I let the car sit a week while out of town and car was dead again, no lights no clicking of alarm just completely dead. I had it jumped again, drove it 30 min and when I turned it off it was dead again. THEN the car came back to life on its own in the driveway, engine in and alarm blaring. Got it to a shop next day and it died at shop. They said it was an alarm issue. Took it to dealer. They said it was alarm issue. Had alarm removed and drove it for an hour, started fine, the 45 min later dead again! Had it jumped again. Took it to new repair shop and they said it’s my hybrid battery. I did my own research and realized that thy hybrid battery does not start the car. So I get it back to dealer, alarm removed and ask them to diagnose. 2 days later they say car is starting fine, no issues found. So I pick up my car, they drive it to me, I turn it off, it’s dead again! This time I see door ajar light on and can hear door lock and unlock with remote so it has some power. They did an immediate battery test. Battery tested fine and healthy. Car is still at dealer and they seem stumped as I am and really don’t want to scrap a Toyota with 137,000 miles that’s been so reliable and I’ve maintained it very well. I have 2 young kids and can’t afford to keep getting stranded! Has anyone found the cause as I’ve seen other people have the same issues?