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  1. No, not the overhead light certainly. The switch (on or off), will do nothing for the ambient light, and has no effect on the parking brake either. Since I do not have the original manual, can not determine its function. Hopefully, someone will know ? Other question is about the CVT Fluid. At how many kilometers does Toyota recommend a replacement ? There is no dipstick to be found, so guess it is sealed. 2011 Avensis Wagon, Engine: 3ZR - Chassis: ZRT272
  2. It does nothing for the parking brake. No dash display either. Had a look at the interior illumination, but no difference, on or off. Checked the hand brake function, but seen no difference. Strange ?
  3. Only other mention that I found was https://priuschat.com/threads/on-foot-off.156270/ Does your car have footwell illumination & is that it? Hi Scott, Seen that forum as well. It does nothing for the illumination. On or off, the light will be there when the driver door is open.
  4. Here in NZ, most cars are imported from Japan
  5. Hi Scott, Thank you for your reply. It is just below the steering wheel, right hand side. Seen on other Japanese imported Avensis as well.
  6. Hi Guys, Just bought a 2011 Avensis xi Wagon. Does anybody know what is the "ON -FOOT-OFF" small round switch for ? Also, is there a recommended service interval for its CVT fluid ? Thanks
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