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  1. Hi all - the DPF warning (refer to owners manual) came up on my 2014 Rav4 (2.0 AWD manual) two weeks ago. Took it for a long run and it did a regen (hubby thinks!) and cleared warning. Five days later warning came back up. Took it for another run but it didn't clear. Took it to Hendy (remains of used car warranty - literally 48hrs worth) - they could only get it to half way - starts regen but stops and says DPF 512% full!!! Now booked in with Toyota next week but I'm terrified this is going to be expensive now as Hendy trying to wriggle out of warranty cover and Toyota extended warranty doesn't start until 1 March 😭😭 anyone else had a problem like this?
  2. Hi all - new to this and not very mechanically minded. We bought a gorgeous 64 plate Invincible (2.0) in February - used car from Hendy Ford. Within a few weeks we had a really bad grinding from the front brakes which they claimed were bedding in noises. Then when it became unbearable they took the brakes off and found a stone, they filed if that's the right term the pads and replaced. Noise got worse so they ended up replacing them - with universal brake parts! All along, there was also a squeaking noise at low speed/gentle braking. Squeaking got worse took it back they did a bit more filing and so it went on. After the 6th visit they admitted to universal brake parts and ordered in genuine Toyota parts and replaced the front pads & discs. Squeaking subsided briefly but now after 4 weeks its back up to embarrassing levels (and now also happens when braking in reverse which it didn't do originally) - I've seen on a US site that this might be a common problem - does anyone have any experience of it or know anything about it please?