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  1. Hello. I need the loading.kwi for the TNS510. There is anyone to provide me? Thank you
  2. Finally the sd card was corrupted. I changed it with new one and works perfect. Thank you for your help. 😃😃😃
  3. Hello. I have Toyota WMA TNS510 MP3 i update the maps from 2009-2010 to 2019-2020 (new sd card) but i have problem on the screen is written "A program cannot be read. Please consult a dealer". When i put the previous card (version 2009-2010) the system works fine. Could you help me please?
  4. Maybe the problem is not the card but the system. I was read that the system needs firmware upgrade cause now read till 4GB capacity sd card. After upgrade will read more than 4GB. Is it true?
  5. Can you try to explain to me please? i know some things about. Thank you.
  6. Goodmorning I have a Toyota IQ 2009 with TNS510 system. Recently i bought a new sd card with 2019-2020 maps. My previous sd card maps was 2009 and works fine when i use it, but when i use the new one the system doesnt recognize it and show me the message "Unable to read data. Check if the map SD is correct". Can you help me please?