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  1. Sounds like a dodgy earth Or dead battery
  2. Is your battery good?
  3. I know on Fords that I’ve owned that the paint is the same but it looked slightly different on The plastic bumpers. It was talked about it on the Ford forums
  4. Hi mate wont be long now hopefully stay safe 👍
  5. Bowruss how have you got on, have you managed to do it yet?
  6. That voltage display would annoy me though as it doesn’t go to “0” when there is no phone charging. But looks good though, perhaps version “2” when it comes out may address this. Thanks for finding and sharing it with us 👍.
  7. Yes you have to do around 120 miles first
  8. I read on here somewhere NOT to use a trickle charger i think they were told by a Toyota dealer. Stay safe all
  9. Buff69


    Update, just had Kwikfit mobile fitter change the tyre as the “screw” in the tyre was just borderline on fixing,as the patch would have been on the sidewall a bit. Took all of ten minutes and he used an airbag as a jack very cool, he put a Bridgestone on so don’t know what they are like. just have to see if the TPWS has been affected but I don’t think I’ll need to do anything. Good luck all and stay safe 👍
  10. Hi we had the same problem on the drivers side we took the car back to the dealers and they changed the wiper blade which solved it for us sorry I can’t help I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread though good luck
  11. Buff69


    Cheers philip42h sorry I wrote the wrong initials it’s not TPWS (as on the railway tracks) but TPMS oops 😬 thanks for the info 👍
  12. Buff69


    Hi all, so it looks like we have a slow leak in a rear tyre and have to go and get it checked out, as we have the TPWS is there any considerations? ie make sure the guy knows so he/she doesn’t break anything on the wheel?, is there any recalibration to be done at Toyota?. Many thanks
  13. Buff69

    Jump start point

    Hi PeteB yes there is a message that pops up, i think the wife has been drinking it as we have only done nearly 4000 miles lol
  14. Buff69

    Jump start point

    Excellent thanks roadster-rav I’ll have a look at the manual now cheers
  15. Hi all, so yesterday we opened the bonnet for the first time to add some screen wash, (it nearly took a whole 5lt bottle) It was nice to see that we have the sound proofing on the inside of the bonnet 👍. I looked everywhere for the jump start points but I couldn’t find them so can someone help? Please, Point me in the right direction, a photo would be great 👍. Many thanks. by the way it looks great under the bonnet