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  1. Hi we have a ford galaxy at the moment and it has everything the RAV4 should have full heated steering wheel,3 stage heated seats,interior switches eliminated,LED lights everywhere,kick Sensor for the electric tailgate,glass roof with electric sunroof and a spare wheel and this is just what I know as there may be more. So if ford can do it why can’t Toyota oh yer it has Apple car play and Android auto as well, I’m really going off this RAV4
  2. I think from reading in the delivery times thread, that it sounds like a hardware upgrade, if so hopefully it will address other short comings like the low resolution
  3. Thanks Teresap that’s good and bad news can I ask when did you place your order sorry just looked 15th August
  4. Yes it is, it’s very helpful and friendly here I’ve learnt lots, I’m considering on paying a yearly subscription
  5. You can get an oil additive, it’s like treacle coming out the tin , may help
  6. Hi,yes it can be done, also the headlight can be adjusted and will probably need adjusting, many on this forum have both done. Your dealer is full of bullsh, I’d go else where if I’d got that attitude. Good luck mate.
  7. I myself thank Chris ha for his input very helpful, I didn’t think for one minute it was his post, these forums are for people to help others, your post wasn’t and was totally unnecessary, it’s not the first post of yours either, I think management has gone to your head
  8. Yes seen them there don’t know if I like them in that position though
  9. My mistake sorry I remember now the old gray matter isn’t what it used to be lol thanks
  10. Hi I have registered but no car details are showing and can not think how Toyota would know which car I’ve ordered?? Think I’ll get in touch with my dealer 👍
  11. Thanks Dorneykaz does the dealer have to set it up or can I ?
  12. Hi how do I get that track order jobber? Thing please