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  1. Thanks all, yes the replacement costs £303, i still can’t believe it. Yes the radar is behind the badge and thankfully it looks ok as that costs £800. The anti collision system won’t work without the badge in place either.
  2. Hi, anyone replaced there front grill badge, if so how difficult was it. Mine is missing after a freak accident (bit fell off of a lorry and hit the badge) many thanks
  3. Had our first service today and it was touch and go if we could get the update as there was a clich in the process which nearly bricked someone’s head unit, they didn’t do it but said ring them in a weeks time to see if it’s been sorted, if so they will do it for us. when we booked the service the guy said some RAV4 owners won’t have to pay as there is a dispute? or claim? that it should have been on there cars and he will see if our car is one of them, forgot to ask him today though.
  4. Hi Hubsy, i put ours on the other Sunday when my wife let me drive and yes it comes on to late for my liking, i had three bars up on the dash and going very slow in traffic with my foot covering the brake pedal it stopped very abruptly and close to the car in front. cheers
  5. Would disconnecting the power from the unit help idk but that usually helps with other stuff Good luck and let us know how you get on
  6. Yes only had car since end of January nevernomind
  7. When in to my dealership on Saturday to ask if they can do it, he said no so I asked him if they would honour the £50 if i booked my car in for its service and have ACP/AA done when they can do it, he said he will phone Toyota up today (Monday) and ask if they can honour the £50. Surly it’s up to the dealership and not Toyota?. He said a lot of people have asked for the upgrade and said the service is due at 10,000 miles,is this correct? Ours has done over 14,000 miles oops
  8. We are getting 52.2 and that’s around town and motorway roads but could get better if only the wife would listen and read what the app is telling us (she has a right foot made of lead lol)
  9. Oh we have done over 12000 better get it booked in i think thanks FROSTYBALLS
  10. When is the first service due at what miles ? Please
  11. Buff69

    2 in 1

    Hi 182_blue Steven Eagell Bishop Stortford
  12. Buff69

    2 in 1

    We had to ask for our issho and the bamboo key box, my daughter had her one in her car with balloons tide to the mirrors and this car belongs to “name” i got f’all but a scratch on the front wing.
  13. Oh right yes that’s a great feature that we use, first car we have had it on to
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