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  1. Buff69


    Hi where is the OBD on the new RAV4 2019 please thanks
  2. Hi CorollaTS05 interesting hopefully someone will know know
  3. Thanks PeteB that dash is brilliant, I wish Toyota would fit our choices on Dashcams as I like the Viofo cams, thanks for that picture 👍 Ezcritique I bet it looks nice in black, let us know how your getting on with it, 49mpg is good 👍
  4. PeteB that’s a bit like the cougar how’s that dashcam getting on are you still pleased with it?
  5. PeteB that’s handsome yes we are getting AWD. That dash is brilliant 👍
  6. Thanks Scottydog007, oh I can’t wait till we get ours, I hope they don’t push it back to next year. Is that two auxiliary sockets net to the usb sockets
  7. Hi Scottydog007 sounds like a real winner and can’t wait to get ours, which tyres have you got on your Rav and are they the same as the 2018 Rav. Can you change the modes (sport,normal etc) while driving? and can you change at any speed? I really want the JBL system but it would mean a lot longer waiting time.
  8. Hi CorollaTS05 no that’s £500 for new Toyota ones. Also I think there for people with roof racks and them boxes on top of there cars
  9. Thanks roadster-rav looks very interesting, be nice to know which bits and bobs you both get and if it all works out 👍
  10. Very nice, we’re getting silver blade with black interior and asked for the protection pack, but our dealer said they will fit the mudflaps for free so it may workout cheaper to buy the bits separately. Would’ve loved the JBL system as well but that would have put 2/3 more months for delivery, but can’t wait that long. How are you getting on with your RAV4?
  11. Is it AWD, has it got good tyres on, is it in the right driving mode ???
  12. Hi look good to me, might have them fitted to mine when we get it, We are getting the silver Excel to, have you got the grey trim?
  13. Did you have this one fitted or the HD Duo that they also fit, just wondering what you think of it as we want a cam, but it has to be a dealer fit or it voids the warranty he said thanks
  14. Very smart motor, I bet your very pleased with her, do you use the side steps or are they really just for show, I’m asking as I’m thinking on getting some for ours but at £500 I’d like to be using them. That’s a very nice colour to👍 cheers