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  1. They took my neighbor's cat at about 1 in the morning, they angle grinded the nuts. This is south-east London, police say this is happening often in this area.
  2. Hi, when you have taken the wheel of you will se a rubber bundle, remove this and move hole to the bottom, release the handbrake(don't forget to choc the front wheels)and un-do the handbrake adjuster nuts. At the bottom of the handbrake assembly there is a screw with a big cog around the outside, you need to push this cog round with a screwdriver to adjust the brakes to the drum. I put two wheel nuts back on at opposite ends to pull disk into it's running position. You need to turn the cog till the drum is getting hard to turn, back it off a little till you can just about feel the drum rub the brakes. Adjust it at the hand brake end and and all should be good. I took the drum of one side to see were the adjuster gog was situated, it is the same on the other side. Or look it up on u-tube to see what it looks like. Good luck Tony
  3. If the black tube has a white/cream bottom you have to unscrew it. The filter should come out of the middle, replace and screw back up. This is how to change the external fuel filter.
  4. Can anybody tell me which valve, red or green , does what. And do I have them on my 2005 d4d previa or do I have one pcv valve. I have alot of oil blowing out my breather pipe,