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  1. Hi all. Sadly my mr2 roadster has failed it's test today mainly due to the sub-frame being corroded, a common end to mr2's i believe? The other things like handbrake, parking brake, headlamp not clear enough etc could have been dealt with to keep it on the road but not the sub-frame costs. So, and with a heavy heart, it has to go. The engine is fine, starts first time, every time. Body work is great, no remarkable rusty bits anywhere. Gear box is spot on. Given all of this, can any of you guys recommend what to do with it other than scrapping? I've had it 6 years, my son had it for 4 years before that, and im gutted that it failed. I had no idea as it was, and still is, running perfectly fine. Obviously im not a mechanic but it seems ruthless to scrap my beloved little rocket given that i was flying around in it last week. Is there a website anywhere that would buy it for parts or are any of you guys looking for a good engine etc for yours? I would dearly love it to go to a good home so to speak, even if it does have to be torn apart to get the good bits 😞 Any advice of where to start would be appreciated. Cheers, Dee.