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  1. I’m getting a bit of vibration/knocking feeling through my steering wheel but only really when on the throttle and even more so on lift. Not sure what all the best points to start checking are. I mean the car is 20 years old. I kinda hope it’s not driveshafts as you cannot source new ones you can’t even source the inner cv joints now they’re redundant now. But coasting it seems to go away and the vibration/knocking feeling on steering seems to be worse the harder you accelerate. other than this I also get a clunk sound if you lift clutch up a bit too quick if you’re trying to pull off quick too. This started about w month after I got a new clutch and has been like it for a few months not sure if somethings slightly come loose after settling. Any ideas would be appreciated video shows the knock lifting clutch up best way to try replicate it on the spot as wouldn’t be able to hear it over the engine and exhuast. FullSizeRender.mov
  2. I have some Titan XTR oil that’s sl/cf so guess that’s fine
  3. I’ve looked on millers oil website with my reg and it reccomended 5w30 fully synth but the spec is a5/b5 I always got told before it should be a3/b4 or if not c3? Is also ok. what’s correct I’m in the U.K. for an idea of climate
  4. Would the 2zz engine be able to cope with a small 50 shot of nos been looking into the wizards of nos kits and debating whether the occasional use of it on tracks would blow my engine up or if it would be ok longs the nos cut out before it was banging on the limiter? Anyone on here has a nos setups on any 2zz engine? Cars low miles 90k fsh engines all in good shape
  5. Is it actually possible to keep in lift between 1st and 2nd gear best I hit is just shy of 6k even changing as quick as humanly possible. Only way I'd think it's doable is not lifting clutch when shifting gears and burning /slipping it to keep revs. Any ideas? Seems a stupid way to design a car that needs to be in lift to actually move quick.
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