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  1. I'm wondering how much COVID-19 has held back production in Japan. To be honest, if I was in limbo now with an imminent pending order, I would be tempted to postpone until 01SEP. The last thing I would want is anything rushed and corners cut in order to accommodate delivery any sooner if restrictions are soon lifted. Dealerships will be hit hard having to furlough non-working staff and, or course, having to keep paying rent on each site - therefore, going forward, I think any discounts will be few and far between. Since I try to cycle when I can and the shops are within walking distance, I'm hardy using my RAV4 at all. I just wish I knew when the endgame was so that I could SORN it in the meantime. On the bright side, I stand to save over £500 per month by not using petrol, not eating out, not going to cinema or shows, not going for a nice drive in the country and not going to the pub. It's also taught me to minimise food waste as I don't panic buy (I refuse to queue!) and I just get what I need from my local shops every few days. I'm way under my PCP mileage so I'm thinking of a trip to Scotland (I'm in West Berkshire) for a nice long break, hopefully to somewhere quiet to avoid the inevitable huge crowds that will just have been released. I love my RAV4, so will very likely pay the balloon payment in just under 18 months time; however, I'll test drive the new plug-in anyway and see how good the trade in deals are. Have any of you managed to get servicing and any remedial work done while the dealerships are closed? I know MOT centres are mostly open.
  2. I'm in West Berkshire and I was stopped by two separate police checkpoints today asking where I was going from/to. Luckily I had a receipt from a local grocer to show as proof of journey. Going out for just a drive rather than a valid reason isn't good enough for our local coppers. I'm out on a bike ride tomorrow and it'll be interesting if they stop me again. We have a lot of boy racers at the moment and late night "dogging" which may account for the checkpoints. A mate in the army has just had his fortnight's leave cancelled, but he doesn't know any more yet. I feel sorry for those that won't be able to pick their new RAV4 up for the foreseeable. I just hope that a '20 plate can be collected before the '70 plate is out. Make sure you ask for it to be registered as close to pick-up as possible. I just hope that I can keep driving until the army really lock us down, just a mattern of time I think. I've just cancelled my cycling holiday in Greece for August as I'd rather lose the small holding deposit than claim for the whole lot. I can't see things going back to normal by Summer. Just wait, we'll have a scorcher with no beaches, parks, campsites or BBQs to enjoy. LOL... They think Wimbledon is going ahead... yeah, right! Be safe out there and be polite to the coppers if stopped 😉
  3. At least a RAV4 will be cheaper than toilet roll by then! 😉
  4. I note all your comments regarding the Map always pointing North up. I may be alone, but I wouldn't have in any other way. When I look at a large atlas (North up), the last thing I want to do is rotate the page. As soon as I got my latest mobile phone and portable GPS, the first thing I did was configure them for North up! If I couldn't have North up, I wouldn't be driving a RAV4 - sorry 😉 BTW... I just put my reg. no. and mileage into WeBuyAnyCar and it's worth only £2k less than what I paid for it on 01SEP, no wonder I was offered what I paid for it the other week. A friend ordered a Porsche Macan 3.0 S as soon as they came out and made £2,500 profit on it as soon as it was delivered; however, he did have to wait a year for it!
  5. Nice! Welcome to the Obsidian Blue club! Now that my "ancient" '69er is fully run-in, I'm getting closer to 55 MPG with a light foot and a mix of urban and country roads. 60 MPG may be possible once it gets warmer and I can turn off the heated seats and steering wheel. I was recently offered what I paid for mine due to delivery times, but I've decided to keep it due to the possibility of new cars being really hammered in the new tax year. Android Auto / Car Play ? To be honest, I've not missed it as much as I thought I would.
  6. Manufacturer's CO2 figures were often as misleadingly optimistic as their MPG figures, welcome to the real World. When I was entitled to a company car several years ago, I chose a car allowance instead which saved me money while I drove a better car than my colleagues (I had a Volvo S60 2.4T automatic while they had a VW Golf GTD manual) - MPG didn't matter as I still had a fuel card. If it's soon the end of the company car as we now it, I'll be glad to see less tailgating lunatics in their Audis and BMWs. Owner-drivers take a lot more care. Back to the subject... I've just been offered £31,000 cash for my RAV4 Excel AWD with under 2,000 miles. I'm seriously considering it as it could mean that I've had a "free" car since 01SEP - more-or-less. I'm semi-retired anyway, will cycle more when the weather improves and happy to wait for the new plug-in.
  7. and mine... Even though these cars are still apparently as rare as rocking-horse manure, have many of you been able to get a good discount? My local dealer matched Autoebid without any fuss at all with 0% PCP.
  8. I can't agree more. In fact, I'd give them just 7 days to resolve or replace the car before starting proceedings to formally reject it via the CAB and Trading Standards. It gets more difficult as time goes on and I say this as it could be lemon with one fault after another. Yes, faults can occur, but you do need a resolution and, at least, the same car that you paid for to drive while it's being fixed. You should name and shame the dealership on here, I certainly would! I had a nightmare from Nissan when my "death-trap" Primera failed it's first MOT (it was on first name terms with the AA before then!) with 3 serious faults (steering rack crack, suspension bushes very worn and dodgy brake servo after only doing 18,000 miles!. Of course, after speaking to a good solicitor that I didn't know of previously, I refused to drive the car and got Trading Standards and my local MP involved. After about £5K in legal fees and 3 months of court hearings, Nissan UK were forced to accept my formal rejection of the car and gave me a 100% refund of the original RRP plus legal costs and £1K goodwill. Yes, I ended up with a "free" car for 3 years, but it was a total pig and caused no end of stress during that time. To be honest, I was considering paying somebody to steal it and burn it out. This is why the Nissan Qashqai and X-Trail weren't even on my short list when looking for a new SUV! Remember, the customer has more rights than they think and a lot don't use them, it's a shame. TIP... Always finance (eg. 0% PCP if possible) a car rather than a cash purchase and place even the smallest deposit using a credit card, you'll then get extra protection if there's problems down the line. A dealership in a legal battle with VISA or a major bank stands little chance of getting one over on you.
  9. I took delivery of my new RAV4 Excel AWD on 01SEP, it's been fantastic and is already the best car i ever had. Like yourself, I moved up (a big move UP) from a 2011 Skoda Superb Elegance 1.8TSI DSG Estate. Even though the RAV4 is shorter, I can get a little more into it compared to the Superb. This is because the RAV4 opening is so much better, the loadbay wider and the rear seat squabs don't hog room in the rear footwell either. As for comfort, MPG, refinement and safety, the RAV4 is vastly superior to the Superb in every way. Being a former Skoda owner, the Kodiaq was initially the first on my list and the SEAT Tarraco being second, but those were soon eliminated when I test drove the new RAV4. My Superb (superb only in name) averaged 35 MPG and my RAV4 is averaging a shade under 50 MPG now that the weather's a little milder. With the Superb, I reported 9 minor faults at the first service (22 faults with a Nissan Primera - a really crap car that failed its first MOT, and the re-test leading to a generous legal settlement from Nissan UK!) and not a single thing has gone wrong with my RAV4. Does your Superb drink a Hell of a lot of oil? Mine did, about 8 (yes 8!) litres between services! One good thing about my Superb is that the airbags work well, a mindless cretin in a van wrote it off back in May last year! He did me a huge favour as it was costing me a fortune in oil and coolant.
  10. Does anybody have a 2019 RAV4 stuck with "Starting..." on the screen with no function or display? It's happened on mine twice since 01SEP. It's then fine on the next journey. I've not needed SatNav yet as I've not been anywhere new or faced severe motorway closures.
  11. I think people should watch where they're going instead of burying their faces in phones!
  12. I was told this when I ordered, so I went for front/rear mudflaps instead. I believe that side steps aren't strong enough for a 100KG slob like me when accessing a roof box or bike holder. I also wanted the pan roof, but a spare wheel is far more important. As for JBL, my hearing isn't brilliant and I can't really tell the difference. My girlfriend says that the standard audio in my RAV4 is just as good as the JBL in her Prius T-Spirit.
  13. I have an RFID shielded rucksack and I affix my key to the carabiner attached inside (the spare is in a locked steel safe). It's my "man-bag", so it goes everywhere with me. I used to work in IT and with radio and I confirm that no signal passes through that rucksack. I've even tested NFC on my mobile and debit card and they're blocked too! It's a Targus one that I bought in Tel Aviv a couple of years back. Of course, you can always be carjacked! If a big nasty thug really wants your car, he'll get it regardless! Anyway, the odds are remote so just enjoy it. Back to the subject... My main gripes are/were: - Unlit interior buttons (no longer a problem now that I can feel where they are) - Unlit and uncooled tiny glovebox - Wheel changing tools unsecured (easily fixed) - Boot cubby-hole covers very stiff to remove (job for first service) - No windows up/down with remote (job for first service) - No scuff plates (to be added soon) - MPG down from 53 to 47 now that it's got colder (still pretty damn good for an auto mid SUV) On the whole, I'm very pleased with my AWD Excel and couldn't be happier. I actually like the infotainment console and couldn't care less about no Android Auto. The standard system is much easier to operate than reviews say once you get used to it, and it sounds pretty good to my ears. Every SUV that I test drove had shortcomings, what car doesn't?
  14. Sorry to hear that, you must be gutted. Even though I was lucky to get mine on 01SEP after also ordering in May, my 2nd choice was the Seat Tarraco 2.0 TSI Ex Lux and 3rd was the Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TSI Edition, both with DSG - if the RAV4 fell through. I know they're much thirstier than the RAV4, but I just refuse to go diesel. Knowing how superb the RAV4 is now, I suggest you lease something else short term if possible until you get yours in May/June. It'll have the updated infotainment too! TBH... it's easy living without Android Auto and I don't see why so many are moaning about it. Oh... How about a Lexus NX if budget permits? Anyway, glad to see one less Audi on the road and I hope you didn't tailgate too much! 😉
  15. Nobody should ever have to pay RRP. All I did was try Carwow > Drivethedeal > Broadspeed > Autoebid in that order, got the best offiicial email quote and phoned local dealers to price match, which one did without fuss. I see that some Mercs are now 40% off, but I'd still choose my RAV4 any day!