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  1. Whilst reading up waiting for my new Camry to arrive I see that there is a particulate filter fitted to the exhaust of the new hybrid Camry (Remember: it's a petrol engine). Having previously had a number of modern diesel engined cars, some of which seemed to be forever clogging their DPF filters, brought me to wonder; do I have to do a long run above a certain speed once in a while to keep the exhaust particulate filter clean or does it just work, whatever my driving cycle is like. I'd be pleased to hear back from anyone with any experience - many thanks in advance!
  2. I'm so pleased you've said that as I test drove and ordered an Excel just before Christmas. My 'top 3' were the Camry, the new Subaru Forester and the BMW 320i. My missus wasn't so keen on the infotainment and preferred the one fitted to our Avensis but over all t seems like a decent car, more roomy then the Avensis and ours is even being built in Japan, so should be a good one. We went for the Excel at the behest of the missus as I would have been more than happy with the Design, but with the CarWow discount and paying extra for the white paint and protection pack it still worked out clo
  3. According to Toyota, no. I asked Toyota Customer Relations online and they responded with: Hello Adam, Thank you for your email and congratulations on your purchase. To answer your question, at this time we have had no communication to suggest there is going to be a retrofit made available for the Camry to include Apple Carplay and Android Auto for the UK market, I'm afraid. I'm sorry for any disappointment this may cause and thank you for contacting Toyota Customer Support.
  4. Is the crunching noise similar to a 'tinging' noise which becomes worse when you drive slowly and turn the steering wheel hard over to either side? If so you have a driveshaft bearing that needs replacement. If the mechanics haven't picked up on this they please change mechanic as they must be clueless. if not, please keep asking as I'm the one who is clueless... 🤣
  5. Good morning all. I'm new-ish to this forum but am on my second Avensis. I've had a 2014 Avensis Business Edition diesel and now have a 2017 Avensis Design auto petrol. In the years I've owned these I have had one puncture in each car and have been dismayed how quick the tyres wear out (<20,000 miles). I have my home near Portsmouth in the UK but currently live and work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My wife (in the UK) seems to prefer driving the Avensis to her BMW 2-series convertible. I guess that says something for how enjoyable the car is to drive, although there certainly is
  6. I've gone from a 2014 Avensis Business Edition to a 2017 Avensis Design. Not noticed any difference in lack of sensivity though. There's a corner near my road on which my old Avensis always momentarily lost the signal for 'Absolute 80's'. The newer Avensis does just the same. Are you losing the signal on your new car that was satisfactory on your old car or is it just being a pain?
  7. Different garages and people will use different perceptions to describe 'worn'. Remember that the MOT test minimum is 1.5mm. Even once the friction material is completely worn off the pad backplate your car will still brake, albeit with a nasty grinding noise and feel. Although my last 2 Avensises (Avensi?) haven't needed replacement pads in my ownership my previous cars have gone over 40,000 miles for front pads (50,000 miles rear) before I've needed to replace them. I've never had any noticeable difference in brake pad service life between genuine and pattern parts in the past
  8. There were companies here in the UK that offered this service (removing the contents of the DPF and re welding) and yes, they also say that they remapped the car afterwards. Usually this realised a small power increase but the DPF is now ineffective in removing the particulates from the exhaust gas. A couple of years ago our UK government changed the regulations regarding the removal of the DPF so that if a vehicle has ever had a DPF fitted, it is required to keep it fitted and it is inspected annually for presence and effectiveness at the vehicle's annual inspection ('MOT'). Most of the
  9. Just above the AltGr key of your keyboard is the full stop key. Please use it in conjunction with the space bar to turn your statement into a question and I'll do my best to assist you. Kindest regards
  10. Then Snows Toyota have a surprise lined up 🙂 My car was built May 2017.
  11. Fingers crossed they will cough up for the fix for my 2017 Avensis 1.8 Design. I've had it serviced independently albeit using OEM parts and materials. I'm pursuing Snows Toyota in Waterlooville (Hampshire) to have it fixed. I'll keep you all posted as to how easy it is/was.
  12. As an Avensis owner I've considered a move to the new Camry, only to find that my hair is still brushing the roof in the Design model I sat in a few weeks ago. It certainly liiks like a nice car. I haven't yet driven one but have sat in the front of both models and they seem comfy and properly put together. I also lay claim to having been in one that is a taxi (Saudi Arabia). Nice car and has more poke than my 2017 Avensis auto. My local Toyota dealer shares premises with the local Lexus dealer. The top spec of the ES (Takumi) is over GBP12,000 more expensive than the Camry. They are
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