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  1. Updating my own post incase it helps someone else. Behind the tiny storage box by your right knee there are some relays. One of these is a flasher unit, Toyota code 81980-50030. It appears it's susceptible to water damage. It also appears to be directly under a metal plate that collects condensation. Go to your favourite online aution site and buy one. You need a tiny pry tool (or some stolen tine tip tweezers) to release the old one. Then (if you're me) instead of remounting it in the same place you use some cable ties to reposition it so that any moisture runs down the case rather than sitting on the top face and seeping through the housing. Anyone one see any reason why this shouldn't be sealed properly?
  2. The indicators on my T Sport have stopped working but the hazards still work, so I'm assuming a fuse has blown, but I can't find it. I've checked under the bonnet and the hazards fuse is okay (as are the others) and I can't see a relevant fuse in the box behind the glovebox. There's no fuses in the relay box behind the coin holder. Where else can it be?
  3. Does anyone know, are Toyota radios all a standard shape? Would a radio out of, for example, a gt86 fit the hole on an '03 Corolla? They're all double din, but they have a shaped hole...
  4. Does anyone know of anyone selling tailored seat covers for the Carina 2? I can't find anywhere with patterns older than the Carina E.
  5. I've got a 51 plate E12 Corolla T Sport which (predictably) has alarm issues. Long drive last night, parked up and went to bed. Midnight, the alarm goes off. 9am, the alarm goes off. Half nine, the alarm goes off... I've already disconnected the bonnet sensor, so it's got to be the main sensitivity. So... Where the hell is the controller box? I need to either find the sensitivity adjuster; pull the relevant sensor leads; or even just yank the feed to the horn. I *really* don't want to end up doing the entire dash apart to trace wires to find the thing, and the Haynes manuals don't even mention alarms.
  6. Hi guys, It's traditional to introduce your garage, right? Cool. Carina II Exec 2.0l - my baby and my daily driver. I learnt to drive in a Matchplay and this thing just fits me. She needs some TLC to fix the Super Red paint that's gone predictably pink and the spoiler that's got a bad case of GRP rot. She's only done 105,000 miles and the previous owner was an old boy who bought it when he retired and had only done 1k a year for the last ten years. Currently trying to decide if I should keep her standard or upgrade the interior (possibly front seats from a Corolla E11 SR or E12 T Sport) and chuck a beams engine in it. I'm leaning towards upgrading it since I doubt she'll ever be considered a classic. Only mods (if you can call them that) are air deflectors, red interior lights (because I'm odd), and a subtle semi-period looking Blaupunct radio. Currently got no steering wheel as I'm part way through wrapping it in leather reclaimed from an old sofa. Other than a new exhaust, she's had no work done in 30k miles / 3yrs. Corolla E12 T-Sport 3dr - my new toy. 18 years old and only done 29,000 miles. Bought from a couple who (surprise surprise) bought it when they retired. When I bought it it had the original tyres on it (!) which came off as soon as it came home. Other than air deflectors, it's stock. I'm going to replace the radio and get a tint on the back windows, but nothing that can't be reversed. My plan is to keep the miles down and see what happens to the value. She's got the predictable alarm issues, but that for another post. Corolla E12 1.4 5dr - bog standard shopping cart model, but again with stupid low miles. This time, 24,000 miles. This is the wife's so it'll probably stay as it is. I love Toyotas. Before these three the driveway has be home to 3 Corolla E11 SRs (facelift with the vvti engine), a 1.8 Carina E (the only Toyota I've ever disliked), and another Carina II. They've all been damned nearly indestructible...