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  1. Just phoned John Devlin and you're rightt, he was a font of information. Toyota have discontinued making the pump and he recommends finding a local Diesel Fuel Injection specialist. The search continues!
  2. Thank you MIke. I will give him a call tomorrow. Best wishes Zem
  3. Hello, My truck’s fuel pump has started to leak. It’s the original, so is 30 years old. I’m pretty sure there’s not new ones to buy, so I’m looking for a reconditioned/working fuel pump to replace it, and/or any advice on how to source one. Any leads gratefully received! Thanks Zem Moffat
  4. Hello, I’m the chuffed owner of a 1989 MK3 T pick-up. I’ve had her over 10 years and she’s still going, although, many parts have been replaced! Looking forward to learning more in this forum. Best wishes to all Zem Moffat