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  1. Hi Dippy I cannot comment on quality of Tire over such Temperature range but as they are All Season tires like the Bridgestones, I would go for the Vredesteins just because the Bridgestone Dueller 687 are old design so would expect Vredesteins being Dutch, a better option.
  2. Hi All Just asking if You could pass-on your average mileage figure please. I showing 30.7 Thank you Mark
  3. Hi All Tire Update. All 4 wheels now disbanded on T180. Pressure Valve replaced. Bought standard 17 inch 5 stud 2005 - 2012 SpaceSaver to fit normal Rav from Ebay, £100 Fits So now confident with Spare. Thank you Mark
  4. Hi I experienced similar when purchased pair of Dunlop Grantrac. and fitted to front axle Totally unsafe Swap them back and see if problem/Caravan/trailer/feeling goes away. If so do not buy them again. Some tires just do not suit on opposite axles. I could stretch to Vredestein 5 All season tires and they are well good. Ta Mark
  5. Hi My 2006 T180 60000mls smokes white after short run warming up and then only if I boot in 2nd + 3rd. Then no real sign. It did worry me at first but all else seems well so I now just expect it and do not worry too much. Until I see oil or water loss or bits of metal in the road then I won't change anything. Ta Mark
  6. Hi Philip Thank you for your knowledge. I will question their findings in greater depth and report back. I have had the car 2 x months so no History of age of sensors. The report just says requires "Tire pressure Monitor". A flashing TPMS icon suggests problem with system, whereas a constant lit icon is the sign of pressure issue. Regards Mark
  7. Hi All Just got back from Scotland. 2006 T180 great journey full of action Main thing is Tire Pressure Warning light is flashing constantly. Just been to Toyota in Llandudno, they put on Diagnostic £60 and said I needed new Tire Pressure Monitor. £160 fitted. Any thoughts appreciated please. Ta Mark
  8. Hi I put a pair of the Vredesteins on last month and I would agree with the other member, I like sure footed handling for time to time spirited Driving and these are good for me. No regrets would purchase again.
  9. My Dear Stivino Where about are you. I am due to visit my Father soon in Kirkudbright and would make a detour. What would you be looking for by way of recompense? And just to update all, my local Toyota in Harlech North Wales changed 2 x tyres for me today and found that the Run Flat Bands had already been removed even though the Bridgestone Dueler 687's had been used. We now believe that the other 2 will be the same so may try local Depot when needed. But will still visit Stivino if possible first. Thanks
  10. Thanks Philip Am changing 2 x tyres today for Standard fit so would like a little cover should the worst happen ta mark
  11. Hi Members I have heard that the Lexus RX 350 Space Saver fits the T180 so can be carried as a Spare wheel. Can anyone please confirm or suggest alternatives. In advance Thank you Mark
  12. Fantastic Jim I was looking at Main Dealer to tell me what the problem is first and then decide what to do. Thank you for your reply and wisdom. I will update to all. Ta Mark
  13. Just an update on Post, spoke to Toyota Parts and if it is the Rack, then looking at £1000 plus fitting. It could be an intermediate box/ booked in for them to have a look on Wednesday. Wish me luck. Mark
  14. Hi all I have a T180 2006 57000mls. I have noise, clunk, knock from the Front-end that is very apparent during maneuvering when Parking or 3 point turns. (Can feel slight knock thru Steering wheel from side to side but effect is much greater while vehicle is moving) Do not get anything when on open road or over sleeping Feds. Had it checked on my local National Tyre Ramp Shaker (great bit of kit) and mechanic is confident that the Bushes and Suspension is ok. Points toward Steering Rack. I have not been able to pin it down yet so am asking for any suggestions befo
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