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  1. Konrad thank you for the feedback. I almost certain there is nothing wrong with the car. As a precautionary measure I'm taking the car to a mechanic this afternoon just to ok everything. Will let you know what he says. Have a good day
  2. Hi Konrad thanks for your feedback. I've just done an oil change. I've only just bought the car so not too sure how it was driven as it's a 2nd hand. I'm aware of the duplicate post. Didnt know how do delete it as I'm new on here. I'm in New Zealand
  3. 2010 Auris RS 1.8 6 Speed Manual
  4. Hi Hope you doing well. So I purchased myself a 2010 Toyota Auris 2010 RS 6 Speed manual about a month ago. The vehicle has only done 18000km on the clock. It has a 1.8L valvematic engine. Actual photos of my car attached. I've noticed alot of engine noises. The engine is worse when car is hot and almost next to none when cold, assume cause RPM higher when it's cold so you dont hear it. The noises are ticking noises very very similar to this YouTube link below. Watch "Toyota Corolla (E12) 1.4 Ticking noise / Tapping noise VVTi" on YouTube I'm wondering if an
  5. Hi mate, The noise is your VVTI Cam gear. Another typical Toyota VVTI engine issue. There are plenty of videos on the net and you tube regarding this. If the noise is only at start up and only lasts 1-2secs thn I'm 200% sure your VVTI Cam gears need replacing as the seals are gone and it's not holding any oil. They typically hold bit of oil in it for initial start up. See video below: Watch "How to Replace Toyota Corolla VVTI Cam Gear" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Q9YIWxi92gM
  6. Hi does your car have a steering knock? Good way to check is if you turn your car on with all windows up AC and radio also off, must be very quite inside car, once done, center your steering and turn it left to right about 20 degrees. Repeat as many times as u can back and forth. See if you can hear a knocking sound which will be quite distinctive and easy to hear. If there is a steering knock you will need to replace a bolt in the steering u join. It's a factory issue and toyota has made a high torque replacement bolt. Easy fix! This knock can be heard when driving at low speeds and can also
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