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  1. hi everyone I am looking for either a stage 1 or heavy duty clutch/ pressure plate. I can find one for the MK1, MK2, MK4 but not the MK3. does anyone know if i can get one or at least a heavy duty pressure plate? My clutch just loves to slip, its done just over 10,000 miles. but it loves to slip and it smells really bad. mostly in reverse but also while accelerating. If anyone knows where i could also get a custom one built in the UK that would be brilliant. My car is a 2006 2.0 petrol (manual obviously) 152hp 4WD version the only way i can stop it slipping at the moment is turning off the traction control with the brake dance (very sketch to drive on the road with it disabled though. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me. Robyn
  2. Hello all Has anyone ever tried to put an LSD from a front wheel drive 2006 model rav4 in a AWD gearbox, or if it is even possible to do. i take my car on green lanes around the east midlands but it does get stuck a bit too easily so i had the thought of getting someone to take both my manual mk3 gearbox apart and an front wheel drive gearbox with an LSD inside to transfer into my gearbox. would give much better off road ability to the mk3 ravs My rav4 is lifted 40mm and has all terrains on at the moment but will be upgrading to mud tyres soon but with that i would like to have an LSD to help aswell the picture below was before the lift was done and got stuck in one of the easiest places on a trail i have done many times before P.S i am not a new member but my other account is under my old name and account (Robert Blackburn) thanks
  3. I know its late but I have g015 on my 4.3 and they are a really good budget AT tyre, do alright in the snow and same for off road and are also pretty good off road too
  4. hey guys and girls, I was just wandering what is the max tyre size you can fit on a mk3 2006 toyota rav4 with 40mm lift? I am looking at getting some mud terrain tyres and would like to get the biggest ones I can fit without too much rub. Also im looking at the modular off road wheels 16x8" but also would 15" fit or are the brake disks and caliper too big? sorry if this post has been done before but I could not find it. thanks in advance rob
  5. I own a 2006 facelift model 2.0l rav4 xt4 (petrol and manual) and it idles around 500-600 rpm, sometimes it nearly stalls out, so im wandering how i can adjust the throttle/ rpm speed. I am also going to be doing some troubleshooting for why the car seems to be low on power and struggles to go up 14% inclines unless in 2nd gear. ( i have cleaned the MAF with MAF cleaner and does seem to to be a little better but what else could be the problem? is it just a crappy gearing problem or is there something worse than that as its no fun or fuel efficient going up a 3 mile incline in Matlock Derbyshire in second gear. so my real question is what can be done to sort both segments out? and before someone says buy a new clutch I already have and its done about 5k miles already. about 1k of them off road and the rest on road thanks in advance p.s while i am on the subject of fixing and modifying, has anyone bought those lifting spacers off ebay from Russia?, what does it look like with the spacers? are they any good and how easy are they to fit?
  6. i have not seen any engine light, nor any codes stored in the memory, the cat maybe a problem, i will look into getting another one. i will also look into the timing chain, maybe the tensioner has gone as said above. Unlike timing belts, shains should last a lifetime without having to be replaced but if i can get an easy look at the condition of the chain without taking half the engine or equipment out of the engine bay i can check the condition of it. but there are not any knocks bangs or squeels when the engine is on... other than loud tappits on a cold day of course
  7. My air filter is completely brand new, I have also cleaned out the air intake of oil and dirt, before I get it it was serviced too. I'm a mechanic but I still can't work it out, as I can't physically hear or see anything wrong
  8. my 2006 xt4 2.0l petrol is really struggling to go up hills, it really is lacking in power and having to go up them in 2nd gear isn't much fun, had this problem for a while now, ive had a new clutch a few thousand miles ago, and ive cleaned the MAF sensor, what else could it be, ive also lost nearly 10mpg while driving normally in the last few weeks (i was getting around 28-30mpg in the colder weeks and now getting around 20-24mpg) even though its about 8 degrees warmer. what could be causing my car to lose that much power? I own a sprintbooster v3 which helps with this problem a little bit as it gives me that little bit more power when i put my foot down but it still doesnt help. I can keep my foot right to the floor in second gear going up a hill thats 14% incline and it will still not gain any speed. It is getting serious and scary that it persorms better off road than it does on the road.
  9. nahh its not just american sold cars. as mines a japanese car built in UK it also has this feature, i was really supprised it works on a manual gearbox aswell as automatics, but it would be interesting to find out what other combinations there are to unlocking everything else, also there has to be an override for everything a car has... somewhere or somehow. but i understand right, toyota have put this in there just in case you do go off road in some way, as the VSC cuts power to all wheels if it notices slippage or slipping sideways, so when going off road that is not good, therefore you need to be able to diactivate the VSC system, and activates again with a turn of the key so you can drive on roads safely again
  10. It actually does work, im only disabling it for green lanes and once I turn off the engine it will reset back to normal, tried it today and the brake dance works
  11. From what I have heard only RAV4 from 09 had the button and also 2wd Rav 4 had one too but I have just attempted the bit at the bottom of my post, it does work to disengage the vsc
  12. I took my car off road last night, got to an axle twister style object, every time i tried to go over it i got the VSC light on, and it completely stopped power to all wheels leaving me going into reverse to get out and try again, so i had to take a different approch (rev up and power through it) not really a great idea if it was rocky, thankfully was all mud. Is there a way to disable the vsc for the 2006-2013 rav4 XT4 manual 2.0l petrol? is it the same as the v6 in America which is below... 1. Make sure the car is in Park and the parking brake is disengaged before you start the car.2. Start the engine. 3. Engage the parking brake.4. Fully depress the brake pedal and then release.5. Fully depress the brake pedal and then release.6. Disengage the parking brake.7. Fully depress and hold down the brake pedal.8. Engage the parking brake, then disengage it (while holding down the brake pedal).9. Engage the parking brake, then disengage it (while holding down the brake pedal).10. Release the brake pedal.11. Engage the parking brake.12. Fully depress the brake pedal and then release.13. Fully depress the brake pedal and then release. BTW this car is actually amazing in green lanes, ground clearance is ok and the car is doing fantastic so far. other than the vsc cutting in when the going gets tough and stopping drive to all wheels
  13. hello, just a random question, has anyone ever heard of a diff for the mk3 2006-13 that is an air locker or LSD for the rear diff, i am looking to make my rav4 a little better at off roading (soft roading) than a standard one, but i can't find anything for the newer models, only 1999-05. i own a 2006 2.0 petrol manual 4x4 version. will be lifted soon, already have some all terrain tyres but trying to find some new mods to put into place, including skid plates and pans I'm sorry if this has been covered before but there are so many pages to get through that i decided to start a new one. thanks in advance
  14. it maybe a bit late to answer now but i took my car offroad rcently, got high centered on a mound of dirt, my mate pulled me off it using that mount. seems to be strong enough to pull a car that has no wheels on the ground without bending anything. but dont pass my answer unless you know for sure it will hold. (for me im going to be welding a proper recovery bracket onto mine for the next time i get stuck.
  15. hello everyone, I'm Rob, i own a toyota rav4 xt4 2006 2.0 petrol, from nottingham. I have had this car for a month and already love it, except for the ammount of repairs and sorting out the acceleraton lag problem. which i have found a cool little item that will open up the throttle body faster as its quite slow at minute. I am also wandering how high i can lift my 2006 before i have to buy or adjust my steering geometry. as i want to take the car for some light off roading everynow and then. also does anyone have any review on how this car fares with going off road, what tyres you have used and also what mods have you done to protect and also recover the vehicle if you get stuck. Thanks everyone. Rob
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