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  1. Stumbled upon a second gen yaris with a Daihatsu logo a few weeks ago, this explains it lol
  2. Can anyone confirm if the wheel well in the TS corolla is the same as the hatchback one?
  3. Any more info? When you say battery you mean the normal battery or the hybrid one?
  4. Yea i was thinking of that too, i don't understand why they wouldn't do that since in order for the system to work each tyre has to be monitored, right? Should be pretty easy to show on the dash which tyre is losing pressure especially since most corollas come with the bigger digital screen.
  5. Exact same thing happend to me last year, this is my first car with a tyre pressure warning so i was worried when i saw at first but i found out it's because of the lower temperatures. It came up again a week ago but we're in lockdown right now and i haven't bothered to fix the issue yet.
  6. Is it really that usefull? Mine doesn't have it, but would surely be interested in retrofitting it in the future.
  7. Yes if you have spotify it should show up as one for the apps
  8. Yes i do believe the ride height is a bit too low or at least the bottom trim design makes it so that it's closer to the ground. I scuffed the front wing a few months ago as well but thankfully it's just the bottom part and doesn't show when looking at it from the outside.
  9. One of the weirdest collaborations that i've ever seen. Most manufacturers share engines/parts/chassis but the exterior is unique to each one but not here, this is a toyota with a suzuki badge on it even the photos look to be photoshoped with the suzuki logo lol.
  10. Ok do you have the link for USB 2? Because i didn't download it when it came out
  11. Can you post again what you talked about system requirements? DCU is 17TDT1EU-DA02 i think and audio 1000, should i do it?
  12. So what happend to the last reply here? Some guy posted a link to the update i think but it's gone now
  13. Shouldn't wireless android auto work with the corolla? I'm not sure how it works as i haven't really bothered to search about it but the corolla has a wifi feature? Isn't that what you need from your car for it to be compatible? Only thing you need is a 5g phone with android 11.
  14. I would definetly be worried if i went away for that long, solutions such as a small solar panels you stick on the windshield doesn't seem to do anything. If you have neighbours that you trust and are friends with you can give them the keys to have the car in ready mode for 30 minutes once or twice a week, at least that's what i would do.
  15. Yeap i find the dealers here in greece to be quite incompetent, not sure about other countries but their lack of knowledge about the cars that they sell is incredible
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