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  1. In the configurator of toyota greece in the summary and save section you get a list of all of the features that the car has and it says that the 1.8 in the style grade (the equivalent design in the uk) gets sound insulated windscreen.
  2. Yeap i'm 1.91 cm and i have my seat at the lowest setting and up front i'm really comfortable with no issues at all. When i had my father drive when i first bought my car i was sitting as a passenger up front and i had looooots of space even though the interior for some reason "jumps" out at you you don't feel uncomfortable at all and as many of my friends have said it felt like you were in a spaceship.
  3. Interested in this too, was thinking of also chaning the halogen bulbs of the number plate.
  4. Yeaaahhh i wouldn't want to spend time in the back of the corolla in my driving position either, although i have to say when i happend to sit in the back of a friends vw golf 7.5 (which is supposed to be the king in this class) i wasn't really that comfortable as my head was scraping at the sides and almost touching the roof, in the corolla it's just a bit worst as it has a lower roof line, i also hit my head when first trying to get in the back of the corolla as well lol.
  5. If you want your car to engage the brakes when stationary you can press that hold button which is right next to the p button, when coming to a complete stop and wait for a second you will see a small sign in the instrument cluster which reads "HOLD", when that sign appears you let your foot off the brake pedal and the car will stay still. However one thing that gave me a scare once is when i got in my car pressed the start button and not moving at first as i was checking something on my phone, the engine came in and i felt the car squat a bit as if i was giving it gas but it didn't go anywhere, scared the **** out of me as i was not paying any attention.
  6. It's an electric handbrake, i've never pressed it as it engages when the gearshift is in Park and disengages when in R,D,N.
  7. To be honest i thought i knew quite a bit about the hybrid system or at least me, as a driver, i'd say im quite attuned with the car, for example i can tell when the engine can kick in or i could feel the power threshold of the batteries and that if press the gas pedal even a little bit the engine would kick in. Even though as many have said the system is totally seamless in speed i can still tell when the engine comes in without looking at the rpm's. But there still seems to be a lot that we don't know and don't undestand, this hybrid system of course is extremely complex and even if an engineer that has worked on this system came in he would need a to write a whole book in order to explain everything.
  8. I haven't gotten any recalls as of yet. What is the issue?
  9. I think the ecu decides that the engine has done it's job in generating the necessary electricity for the battery and then a second or so later decides that the vehicle is going at a speed that the battery can keep up and turns the engine off. I'm guessing the ecu needs a second or so to make the appopriate calculations in order to make a decision.
  10. So last night me and a friend of mine were sitting in my car with the car in the ready mode, after sitting for a bit the engine came in as to fill the battery a bit since it was nearing empty. After a minute or so the engine went from about 1500 rpm's to 1000, the noise levels were reduced quite a bit and the animation on the screen showed that the battery was no longer being charged. The engine was still on for 2 more minutes, i got really confused as to why the engine was still on doing nothing instead of the battery taking over and switching the engine off. Has anyone experienced this before? Did the ecu not know what to do at that point? Note that i had already been driving around before coming to a stop so the battery was already warmed up.
  11. Hahahaha yea man me too, had my car serviced yesterday and was told it was pushed back towards the end of the year... sad times indeed.
  12. Wait, did you get it retrofitted? ah are you from New Zealand?
  13. With a weather of around 38 - 40 celcius i keep the ac on at 23 celcius at the eco mode, the cabin cools nicely and the ac doesn't make a lot of noise unless i of course increase the fan speed, it usually takes about 10 seconds for the cabin to cool down
  14. Never had the light from the ac button go off, would be a good idea to check it out.