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  1. Wouldn't other customers also be affected by the contaminated fuel? If you're able to find other customers that got their engines destroyed from the same gas station on the same date then you definetly have a strong case.
  2. please copy paste the rest of the tweet, i might just be dumb but i can't find the rest.
  3. Yea can the horn be changed? For real it sounds so bad, the hatchback especially looks really sporty and mean and it has this wimpy horn that doesn't fit with the exterior at all, the horn on my ford sounded much better.
  4. I have the s7 edge as well and the only problem i've had was that it takes a while for the phone to connect, some times it has taken me 5 minutes or more for the phone to connect with the car. Other than that i don't think it has every disconnected from my phone while on the move. After researching though i see that a lot of people have this kind of problem even with ios, a solution that i found on forums is to download Bluetooth Phonebook, some users say that it drains the battery(after 4 years of use my s7's battery isn't as strong as it used to be so it could be a problem) but if you have the qi wireless charger fitted to your car like i do it shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Yea tell me about it, i haven't gone out of the house for 5 days and i think i'm going to go crazy. I work from home now and i feel like the situation will not get better any time soon. Everything in Greece is closed except for super markets. I saw what the UK goverment was proposing and it made me feel sick. I know this has nothing to do with the forum but you can't not talk about it.
  6. I don't have carplay/android auto yet but can't you use spotify and waze/maps simultaneously?
  7. He means to start the heater wiressly so that before you get in the car your cabin is already warm. I'm 99% sure this feature doesn't exist.
  8. Yeah i'm not THAT interested in calculating everything as well, i'm just trying to be relatively economical and not drive too hard. What i am interested in though is to see the difference between U.K consumtion and Greek consumtion (or countries with equivalent weather) that's why i'm thinking of using the app that Nikolay suggested.
  9. That's exactly the road that i drive everyday, I live in Palaio Faliro which is close to Piraeus and drive a few km's away from glyfada (there road has also been recently paved, isn't it great how quiet it is?). Yes drivers are really nervous but usually at 80 km/h and staying in the middle lane most people won't bother you and i've never experienced any kind of road rage like what you are describing in the few years that i have been driving this road (but i am sure it happend and it comes to no suprise to me) when i leave for work in the morning the road is almost empty, on my way back though it's always full of traffic so i don't waste much fuel on my way back home. What really helps though is that i am pretty good at staying in ev mode and not using the brakes too much and letting the car glide without using the accelerator, for example i try to see as far ahead as possible and check if someone is braking or the warning lights (i have no idea how they are called or if you guys have them in your countries but they are those traffic lights that blink when the next traffic light will go red so that you are prepared to stop.) so when those are on i let go of the accelarator i come almost to a complete stop with very little use of the brakes. Yes crosswalks are almost faded out here and you can barely tell that they are there and 99% of drivers won't stop when they see a pedestrian trying to cross the road, right across the street from where i live most drivers just drive like maniacs going like 60 km/h or even more in a 20-30 km/h zone with tons of children running around when they come back from school since there is a school 500 meters away. I think greece is the country with the most deaths in europe, crazy bikers overtaking you while they only have 0.5 cm of space of course with no protective gear or at least a helmet. Anyway i went really of topic as well but i am also really frustrated how everyone on the road just doesn't care about their own and others safety.
  10. Καλημέρα, i will give it a try. I think the longer you go without resetting the computer the more unrealistic your fuel consumtion will be.
  11. Are you guys calculating mpg yourselves or go with the on board computer calculation? I have the 1.8 and the on board computer says that i'm on 4.2l per 100 km or 67mpg when converted to U.K mpg. Since i don't calculate the consumtion myself i just see how many times i visit the gas station every month. Pretty much every 3 weeks i refuel back to full, the most that i have gone without refueling was 3.5 weeks and the least 2 weeks and 5-6 days, i usually drive at speeds close to 80km/h and sometimes to 100. I live in Athens, Greece with really few rainy days and relatively warm weather, right now during the day it's about 20 degrees celcius and 10 degrees during the night. And the weather will only keep getting better, with this kind of climate is propably the best place to have a hybrid or a fully electric car. Here it's summer from the beggining of May and ends by mid November. My consumtion went a bit higher during the winter at about 4.5 l per 100km or 62mpg, especially in late december to early January when it was about 6 degrees celcius during the day and -1 to 0 degrees celcius during the night. P.S I reset my consumtion every day
  12. Most people on this forum don't have android auto or apple carplay so i doubt you will find an answer. Have you tried turning it off and on again? Should work lol.
  13. Huh im 1,91cm or 6'3 myself and i didn't really thought about space to be honest, cars these days have plenty of room in the front seats. Personally i prefer the new yaris than the gt86, although the gt86 is a good car and handles really well it just doesn't have enough power. The yaris has close to 260 hp and all wheel drive and it looks really sporty with those wide arches in the back. Of course you can choose whatever you want but if the price difference between the yaris and the gt86 isn't too big then i'd go for the yaris if i were you.
  14. You could always wait for the corolla GR which will be released in 2023, a 1,6 engine with a manual gearbox. Or if you dont want to wait that long go for the gr yaris which will be released in a few months, same drivetrain as the corolla.