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  1. I've given the police all of the information that they required so now all i have to do is wait, yes i am in athens.
  2. Asked toyota and they said they might be able to track it if it hasn't been tampered with. A few hours ago on myT app it was showing where my car had been parked last. Now when i try to log in it says there is an error, no idea what happend.
  3. Yeah to be honest it feels like i still haven't got over the fact that i don't have a car anymore, i was thinking of going to the mall tomorrow and then i think 'wait i dont have a car anymore' insurance says they'll get me a rental free of charge so we'll see. I have mixed feelings about the car being found, on the one hand i'll be glad that i get my car back and on the other i'm worried i will find it in an extremely damaged state which wouldn't be worth fixing even thought he insurance will cover the cost. I parked in my usual spots of my neighbourhood, nothing that would justify my car to be towed away
  4. I always triple check when locking my car, and i have a habit of looking at my cars as i'm leaving and the mirros had folded so it was locked 100%.
  5. I'm 99% sure it has been destroyed by now, if not yet then definetly in the next hours. Corolla's are very popular in greece and see them all the time so i'm guessing there is a market for those parts here in greece. Usually the cars are taken to ghettos which even the police can't get into becase of how dangerous it is, plus corruption of a few police officers i'm sure. For me the car is done for, i'm in a good mood about the whole situation though because i have insurance otherwise i don't even know if i would even be writing in these forums ahahah.
  6. Yes i've heard of that but i thought since mine didn't have the smart entry i would be safe, guess not. My car wasn't parked under my home since i don't have my own parking space, it was about 50m away.
  7. So woke up today and as i was about to have my breakfast on my balcony i noticed that my car had disappeared. After the initial shock i immediately went to check again in case i had maybe forgotten where i parked, i opened my myT app to check the location of the car and on the maps my car was showing right where i was but it wasn't there. Thankfully i have complete coverage for the first 3 years with alianz so if the car is not found in the next 3 months i get the exact amount that i paid for my car. Now i thought that that start/stop button system was quite safe, no? I don't have keyless entry but the regural button press to open the car, I also have the basic alarm system from toyota which i guess isn't that great, does anyone know how they were able to break in so easily? Maybe a device that communicates with the car making it think it's the original key? And why doesn't MYT show the location of the car? Does it still think it's parked? Anyways if the car is not found i'm propably going for a c-hr 😛
  8. Looks like it won't be sold in europe...
  9. I remember seeing this review when the corolla came out, so pretty sure it's a wrap. Check at the 1:40 minute mark
  10. Hi everyone, Going on my first long trip (736 km or 457 miles) with my 1.8 corolla. For anyone that has done a long trip drive with their corolla does using the eco mode make a difference when going at a steady speed? Propably going to stay at a relaxed 110 kmh or 68 mph with cruise control active.
  11. I used Autoglym and unfortunately it didn't do anything for the steering wheel 😞. I guess i'll keep it to keep the rest of the interior looking fresh ahaha. I'll use the Dettol one next and hope for the best.
  12. Yea i've used hand sanitiser but didn't see anything immediate happen on the steering wheel. Maybe i had never noticed them and they were there after i had used hand sanitiser over the months.
  13. I was sure someone was going to say something like that ahahaha
  14. Have you found a way to remove them without damaging the steering wheel?
  15. Hi everyone, The past few months i have noticed small white particles on the steering wheel, when you touch them you can feel a small "bump" but no matter how much i try to remove them as gently as possible with my fingernail they just don't budge. Due to corona i usually use disinfectant wipes on my hands and some times on the steering wheel if i forgot to clean my hands before touching the steering wheel, could that be the cause of these things appearing? I have a attached a picture below to get a better idea of what i'm talking about. Cheers.
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