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  1. Brakes shoes and the drums are 2 years only one side has had a new wheel cylinder 3 days ago
  2. Hi my handbrake won't stop my car from rolling and once I've been out for a run rear driver side brakes are really really hot and the passenger side are cold. It's booked in garage on Tuesday. any ideas what I will have to change
  3. Hi everyone I received my welcome pack you get a Halfords discount card 15% off and 2 official stickers thank you for all your help stay safe
  4. Has anyone bought the membership on here to received a welcome park through the post within a week because I bought it a week ago and received nothing yet beginning to think that I might have been scammed
  5. I do around 25,000 miles a year and I've had 2008 Toyota Aygo and I do 2 oil changes every year and service it to and I use 5w30 tripleQX synplus ford fully synthetic oil and Toyota recommend 5w30 ford oil
  6. Hi everyone who has the highest mileage Toyota Aygo. Mine has 120k who can beat that
  7. It's at the back off the gearbox couple of bolts holding in place
  8. I don't really know mate u will have to jack up the gearbox to release the stress of the mount have a try look it up on YouTube how change clutch on Toyota Aygo It will show you the where the mount is and how to remove it
  9. Sounds like the gear box mount might need changing
  10. Hi everyone I'm sorted now I've got the 16in rear wiper on now and it doesn't make a noise or miss the glass I'm very happy with it but thanks everyone for the advice cheers
  11. Hi can anyone help me I have a Aygo 2008. I have changed the rear wiper 3 times now because when it's in use it only wipes half of the back window I have try all sorts but I'm guessing now that is it because the rear tail gate is curved so the wiper blade only cleans half screen. Going to try if a 16 inch wiper instead of a 12inch blade. Just wanna know if anyone has changed the rear wiper blade from a 12 to a bigger size thank you
  12. Thank you for the link it's going to really help me to do the gasket cover seal the right way if there's any other links
  13. Hi mate I've change the rocket cover seal but I've noctie oil is leaking from the rocket cover seal and just put a new one could u tell me what I've missed or do u know what it could be
  14. Well mine's very quiet it's great for long journeys at 70mph and getting 80mpg I do sometimes rev it a lot
  15. Sorry i mean it doesn't have rev counter it's a top sec 2008 aygo that doesn't have a rev counter
  16. Ok thank you and it's very hard if u don't have a Speedo and your car is super super quiet
  17. So your telling me I should go to 20mph in first gear then change to 2nd to 30 mph
  18. I top my oil up when it's needed I check it once a week every Sunday I change the oil 4 times a year due to 20,000 miles I do a year. Annual service once a year and yes I do fill my oil up every week but my gargre has said it's normal because I do loads of miles . Thanks for the reply
  19. Yeah it's the 1.0L and it really takes it time in 2nd second once it gets passed 20mph and then it speeds up really fast and for the oil spark plugs I already have a cam cover seal. I just wanted to know because I got mixed answer some one said rocket cover seal or some said oil stem seals or head gasket
  20. Hi I wondered if anyone could help me. I have a 2008 aygo and when I change my spark plug last year 2019 they were covered in oil all over the coil pack but the car runs very smooth no misfires . Sometimes theres blue smoke out of the exhaust but not all the time at all i was wondering if anyone could tell what it might be and will it cause damage to the car plus I can't really do anything until my gargre reopens and another thing there's a slow delay in 2nd gear when speeding up anyone know what that is
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