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  1. Cheers for the advice. Out of box condition just means the condition they were in when you took them out of the box, some people have stated there's had been scratched or marked etc.
  2. Hi everyone, hope you are having a lovely day, I've been looking for wind deflectors for my 2006 5dr Yaris 1.0 vvti and I've come across a couple that seem good, but before I buy any, I just wanted to ask if anyone here knows of any that were good in terms of 'out of the box' condition, and if any parts were missing. Here were the ones I found:|Model%3AYaris%2FVitz&epid=5017024271&hash=item2a56cc9a9a:g:tdUAAOSw8Tpc3Wh-
  3. ok thanks for the replies guys, will be looking into how to get rid of the oxidation and seeing is that helps.
  4. Hi everyone, I have an issue with my 2006 yaris headlights, the bulbs are ok it's just the actual unit itself. I also have standard halogen bulbs, no LED, no projectors. these are the headlights for clarification: Both the headlight units have a yellow tint to them but its on the inside, (I think it's called oxidation?), and my headlights are literally useless without using fullbeam. Question 1) Can i clean this yellow tint? Question 2) if not, then I need to order 2 replacement units, anyone know the best place to get them from? I've seen prices vary from £50-£100, hoping to get them around the 50 mark. Question 3) I don't want to stick with the original bulbs, are there any bulbs I should upgrade to, or will a couple of replacement bulbs do the trick?