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  1. Thanks for the reply mrfixer Yes it is the t27 and i have just found out about the steering motor after posting while looking for a pas pump online and finding there isnt one 🙄 but i was glad that i can say its not the steering. And thanks i will try what you said do u mean plug the pipe or the pump? and i had a look under the bonnet at it looks like it no bother to fit a new one but they arent cheap! Thanks again i will post an update for anyone thats interested
  2. Hi ive been out in the car for a few hours today and as soon as i started it and puĺled away the noise happend as soon as i came to a stop. Im starting to think it could actually be the PAS pump as the noise does sound like it, but its hard to tell exactly where the noise is coming from and seems to be triggered by the brake more than the steering and doesnt happen when i turn steering from lock to lock, i will try and record the noise but it might not pick it up. Thanks and any help would be appreciated before i start buying parts cheers
  3. Hi i have a 59 plate toyota avensis t4 tourer it has full service history from new with 129k, just today it has started making a whining noise ( like a broken pas pump type of noise) but only when coming to a stop i can hear it, when i lift foot off the brake it stops sort of, ive looked at braking parts online and found that there is a braking vacuum pump but i cant find anything about them on this particular car, could this be the issue? Will it most likely need replaced or could it be a split line or something? Anyone who knows of this issue or had the same symtoms any info would be a great help. Thanks for taking the time to read this.