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  1. Same symptoms you are explaining here.. was fine when engine was cold soon as it got upto temp it just judders in every gear and more so underload.. so violently I thought my car was done for.. i had to stop driving her around because I didn’t want to cause any more problems by doing so. I ended up taking it to the garage i get bits done at when there out of my skill range or don’t have time for.. they checked a few things before finding out it was the sensor..
  2. It literally sounds exactly the same as when my sensor had gone....
  3. Hi i had what sounds like the same problem with my celica gen6.. I ended up changing the whole ignition system ie coil pack, leads, dis cap, rotor arm, spark plugs.. and still had the same problem when the car got to temp it just started jolting all the time... i then found out it was the o2 sensor.. hope this helps..
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