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  1. Hi, many thanks for all the help. The door got replaced and looks so much better. Wish I had thought of this the first time and didn’t bother with a dodgy spray job!!
  2. Perfect thank you. Yes it’s the correct colour. Have got rust on the bottom of my door, had it sprayed but rust back within a year. Think this is the cheapest another question if I can. My car has a black strip/ guard on it. Can these be removed and stuck on my new door. Not sure if they are just stuck on?? Thank you
  3. They say they can’t confirm this for me. I am hoping it would be ok. Hanging fire to see if any one knows for sure as it would only be the shell and all my existing inners will be reused
  4. Hi, i want to buy a new drivers door for my Auris 2008 TR. I can find a door for 2010-2013 that looks exactly the same but with indicator on mirror which I would get swapped anyway. Can anyone tell me if it would fit. Don’t want to spend out on a mistake. Got it on hold at a breakers yard so need to know ASAP. Can anyone help me please ?