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  1. I’ve got a 20 plate rav4 4x4 collected from the dealer in March My average fuel consumption has settled to about 52 MPG I’m very happy with this.
  2. Hi spoken to dealer yesterday the Apple CarPlay upgrade should have available last month but has been delayed because of the corona virus not when it will be available yet
  3. Teresap

    Car mat’s

    Yes collecting my excel 1 March but I have seen the car in it’s packaging from the factory. Mine does have mats
  4. I don’t think it does. I thought the AVAS was on the 20.5?
  5. My excel AWD has arrived at the dealer 22/01/20 I’ve seen it and it’s lovely even thou it is wrapped in its packaging.. I won’t be able to see the car again until I collect it on the 1st March (20 plate will help with the future value) My does NOT have Apple CarPlay I’m having to wait for the retro fit thing April/May
  6. I’m really sorry to hear of this fault with your new car. Hope mine will be ok I’m collecting it on the 1st March. many years ago I had a bad experience with a new Ford Explorer. After about a week of ownership I discovered the body hadn’t been painted properly. I took the car to my local ford dealer for them to paint the effected areas. For the job to be done properly it needed the glass to be removed but the ford motor company wouldn’t do that they insisted the windows where to be masked up and painted up to the edge. I refused to allow that to happen and had a long battle with ford. Ford refused to play ball. the mistake I made was I didn’t take the car back to the point of sale and reject it. Under your consumer rights your contact is with the supplying dealer and not Toyota
  7. Teresap

    Cd drive

    Hi my new RAV4 is nearly here. i was wondering weather anyone on here has fitted a cd drive to there new RAV4 via the usb connection? I'm watching one on eBay apparently for it to work the Toyota audio system has to be WAV playback compatible does anyone know weather it is as I can’t find the information in the online handbook
  8. My car is now on its way from Portbury to the dealer 4wd excel ordered August unfortunately it doesn’t have Apple CarPlay I will have to wait for the retro fit in April 😒
  9. My rav4 is a AWD excel in Tokyo red with beige leather, panoramic view, JBL it was ordered 15th August I was originally told it would be delivered May/June. I’ve now been told that will land in the Uk on the 20th of January really good news although I’m not taking delivery until the 1st of March.
  10. I don’t hold out much hope with this when Toyoda can’t even get the app to work on order tracker
  11. Toyota Customer Relations ref: CASE1240794 Good afternoon Teresa, Thank you for your email. I have looked into your query and I have been informed there is a delay in having this section of the Vehicle Order Tracker updated. In addition I can confirm your vehicle is currently in transit so I can confirm there has been updates for your vehicle being processed. We are looking into this to have this changed and it should be reflected into your My Toyota account. Kind regards, Moses Matovu Multimedia Support Toyota (GB) PLC Distributor of vehicles, parts and accessories for the UK
  12. Yes much the same here according to dealer my car is at due for delivery to the Bristol Toyota processing centre uk on the 1st Feb But is ignoring my requests for the my Toyota app and vin number to be updated as the app still says processing! I'm in conversation with Toyota uk at the moment over this but still waiting for a resolution from them!
  13. My dealer has told me mine definitely won’t have CarPlay so it must be MY20
  14. I’ve got news on the delivery of my rav4 although the my Toyota app says the order is processing apparently my car is now at see due to arrive at the Toyota processing unit in Bristol at the beginning of February
  15. Hi I have a delivery date to the dealer of the 17th February for my rav4 but it’s still showing order processing on my Toyota can anyone tell me when I should see my Toyota change to build in progress?