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  1. I've got an AAWireless device that I purchased from Indiegogo. Works a treat. I've had it trouble free for a year now. Over the air updates to the device make it better over time. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/aawireless#/
  2. I wish I could somehow retrofit one of these to my 2019 Excel...
  3. I have a 2019 Corolla Touring Sport - fantastic car apart from the road noise, which reduced a little when I put some Cinturato's on it. I do miss the HUD from my old Prius - the new GR Sport comes with this as standard, but I can't seem to spec a new Excel version with a HUD. Is it possible to install the HUD from the GR into my Excel Touring Sports? I reckon it'll cost an arm and a leg - just wondering if it is at all feasible or am I being an idiot again?
  4. Thank you! Once I set the car up when I got, I forgot all these little buttons! I feel stupid now.
  5. Possibly. In any case, I just tucked it in again. Out of interest, is the tune knob 'clicky'? I realised I've never actually used it. The whole screen seems different. They definitely took it apart because the plastic behind the screen (that sits on the dash) doesn't sit the way it used to. Looks like it was lifted and now there is a small gap. On another note, my side mirrors no longer fold when I pick the car and I guess I'll have to go through the manual to find out what setting I've turned off!
  6. Steven Eagell came through and I just picked up my car. Android Auto works brilliantly. Definitely worth the hassle. Definitely they upgraded the software of the media system. The dealership were really kind and dropped the cost to zero for me after they had my car for nearly two days to do this update. I wonder if they did something else, the screen seems higher resolution than before, although it could be my eyes deceiving me. The wire I had tucked under the roof liner for my dash cam was untucked. So it feels like they did something there. For now, I'm just happy that I can use this. Yes, just with a cable for now. Hehe, here's hoping for wireless android Auto in the future! Tracey at Steven Eagell Birmingham was brilliant. For now this android Auto malarkey makes my car feel like new again!
  7. Just got the call from Steven Eagell who stated that it's one of the few they've done (I have a feeling it's the first) and it keeps crashing on them. They've issued a ticket with Toyota HQ for assistance, in the meantime, I'm without a car overnight and possibly another day lost. Let's hope they can sort it. I don't understand why software updates take so long on these devices.
  8. Steven Eagell Toyota in Birmingham confirmed they're doing the upgrade. They didn't mention cost or anything else, and being an idiot, I forgot to ask. Well, she goes in on Tuesday so let's hope it gets done quickly and without any problems!
  9. Our local dealership isn't particularly helpful. It seems that information I get on this forum has to be relayed to the chaps in service and then they check with Toyota hq to see if it's possible. Maybe they're not given this kind of information. I'll probably ask for this when it goes in for a service later in the year.
  10. I recently had a Lexus UX as a courtesy car and I noticed in the settings that the car could autolock when the gear selector was put into D and then unlock when in Park. I know my 2.0 Excel TS doesn't have this feature, but I'm wondering if there is a way of turning this on through poking the OBD2 port? On Volkswagen cars you can typically turn on and off hidden features by fiddling with settings revealed by the OBD2 port. Anyone have any knowledge about this? Do Toyota's work the same?
  11. Hi, Where would I get this software update from? Is it something I can do myself or do I have to take it into a stealership?
  12. This is fantastic news... At long last, proper google maps with real time traffic information! Hopefully better Spotify integration too. Roll on July for my first service!
  13. Finally I got my car back. They did not update the audio - that is still version 1000. They did however update the Navigation which is version 1530. I'll let you know of any changes. d
  14. Ok, so finally the dealer took the car in. They said there is an update to the audio portion as well as the navigation. Buuuuuuut, the car wouldn't recognise their usb sticks! So it has to go in again soon. I even said to them that I'll bring my usb stick along, just transfer the stuff to the stick and I'll do it myself. But apparently it is not allowed. So I have to wait for them to tell me when they can do it. Which is fine. I just wish they wouldn't lie to me about there not being an update and then when I push for it, they find it magically. Let's see what happens tomorrow. Fyi my current versions are as follows: Audio is 1000 and Navigation is 1520
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