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  1. Hi corradovr, mine doesn’t use that style of adjuster unfortunately, I think yours is the Japanese style
  2. Hi guys, I have a major and very confusing issue with my handbrake on one wheel. My handbrake was working fine and then suddenly began adjusting itself outwards (tightening) on one side only, meaning the handbrake was only moving two clicks and the brake was rubbing with the handbrake released. I adjusted it out and it happened again. I ordered a complete new adjuster from Toyota and installed it. Now it’s unwinding itself on a daily basis (loosening) so the handbrake nearly goes to ten clicks…. I’m loosing my patience with this car and I can’t think of a reasonable solution / cause of the issue. 2004 Toyota Yaris, 1.3 manual, Luna, (French manufacture)
  3. The only way to upgrade it is to have the dealership do a retrofit using a Toyota computer, you might be able to buy one second hand but that would probably be even more expensive, and may not even work at all
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