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  1. Well, I think it's not much different with other car producers. All of them jump into some tricky and minor mistake at some point. The only problem here is actually related to not knowing how to solve it. But, on the other hand and looking from IT point of view, things like this one are usually the most difficult to see. It's so minor and stupid thing that 99% of people simply cannot see. I'm not some special exclusion here. Obviously, since I needed almost two months to realize this 🤣
  2. SOLVED!! Well... I'm embarrassed now, like somebody with 20 years of IT experience and because I didn't realize it earlier... But, I'm also glad that, after almost 2 months of communication with Toyota guys, I was the one who realized what was the problem 😄 So, the issue is not related to, or to hardware, or to software, but to - f...g FONT they used in the car system. For all of you who are getting earlier mentioned Error at after entering the Device ID & Request code, the solution to solve it is extremely simple. So, if your Device ID looks something like this, e.g. PUIefRlcq@@SqR2818, pay attention to letters marked with red in the code. If you considering them as small "L" as I did, then you're maybe wrong. In my case the first one was actually the capitalize "i" ( I ), and the second one was small "L" ( l ). The font used in the system shows those 2 letters on the same way - I (i) - l (L). So, the solution, if you have these characters in your Device ID code, is to try with typing capitalize " i " instead of small " L ". Try with replacing them one by one. In my case the first " l " was actually the big " i ", and the second one was the small " L " ( l ). After this combination - voila! I got Activation key and successfully updated navigation 😄 I hope this will help to all of you.
  3. Hi all, again. @ Southern Softy Thanks for your question, but the answer is still negative. Nothing solved yet. Talking to some of the regional Toyota guys for days and weeks, but as I see - they have no idea what's wrong. BTW, there is newest update at, and there is no more MMToy device, just MM17 & MM19 (where 18 disappeared... as well as MMToy ... :D). I've tried to update all with those new files, but the result was the same - validation passes, but then receive identical Error about incompatibility of my device ID and Request code. Firstly, I was thinking it's some software mess, but now I think it's up to hardware and incompatibility of my navigation module and the rest of Multimedia device. There is one more strange thing in my case, and it's the name and version of the MM device. As I can see at My Toyota, my MM device is as described previously - Toyota Touch 2 & Go Plus MMToy17. But, my vehicle is from 2019. By my logic, NAV module should be at least 2018... Since maps are related to NAV module, I think there is some mess between that module and newest maps. I will try to check is it possible to update some new vehicle in dealer's shop. If that happen successfully, then they were installed incompatible NAV module in my car and will must to replace that.
  4. Southern Softy, Thank you very much. I'll visit them tomorrow.
  5. I did, days ago...Reg. No, VIN and MM device. All registered. I'm an IT for more then 20 years, so you can imagine how all this frustrating me, especially because nobody from Toyota cannot provide answer why I'm getting this incompatibility error... Talked to domestic guys,, No resolution... There is only one more thing at the portal for which I'm not sure what is it and does it have any relation with this updating maps issue - Section named "Connecting your car", with description "Hi, you have a car connected. In order to use all the online services available for your car, you must first go to your dealer to have them activated." What is this mean and what additionally they have to activate here?
  6. Southern Softy, Yes, I know this, but simply cannot find this device listed anywhere, at any Toyota portal... Do you have some link where this exact MMToy device is listed? All I can see is Toyota Touch 2 & Go CY17... It looks like MMToy, and guys from support told it's the same device, but... Edit: Just realized something - is it necessary to Register vehicle at portal (with that Version code) in order to access download section...?
  7. Hi again. Thank you all for advices, but seems nothing work for me here... When I go to eStore and choose 2019.v1 Map update, I cannot download it because the system leads me to purchase it (yes, it's free and I also see it) and at the end it tells me that "Item is free and cannot be purchased". 😞 So, my vehicle has passed over 300km and should be OK for updates. Also I was connected it to the WiFi and installed eStore app, so FUD should be also set now. But, seems I cannot use eStore because all I see is info about expiration date of the app, but there is no eStore icon anywhere under the Apps section. This morning I was tried again, via, but after entering all codes (Device ID and Request code shown on the screen after validation of the files on USB and offering me to update system to 2019.v1), I'm still getting the same Error - request code not compatible with Device ID.... Just preparing my gun to shot something of this 😄
  8. Here I am again... Unfortunately seems I started to celebrate too early... Namely, after support guy confirmation that Toyota Touch 2 Plus 17 MMToy is the same as Toyota Touch 2 Go (CY17) I've tried to update my maps in RAV4. The result was that system validated files on USB stick, offered me to update maps to the latest version 2019.1 and then provided Request Code. But, that code wasn't compatible with my Device ID, which probably means that these two devices (MMToy & CY17) are not really the same... I'we tried all via portal, as I always did for my Corolla, end received this error. Guys in local Toyota service also tried, but with the same result. If someone succeed to update this Toyota Touch 2 Plus17 MMToy device/maps in RAV4 2019, please share details. Thanks in advance.
  9. OK. Just received info from Toyota support, confusion solved. So, this can be helpful for all of you with this new multimedia-nav devices. Correct map & software updates for the Toyota Touch 2 Plus 17MMToy are those named Toyota Touch 2 with Go (CY17) .
  10. Yes, and that's the version of my device. But, where to find updates for this?
  11. Actually, and according to experience with Corolla in 2016, this system don't have acoustic warning for speed cameras at the moment. Same as in Corolla. And after updating maps and software, it started to work. I hope it will happen here too 🙂
  12. Yes, I have that, both model ID and Parts No. but it's in format DCU: XXXXX-XXXXX and MEU: XXXXX-XXXXX. There is nothing even similar to Touch 2 etc. But, as I said already, after I connected device via WiFi, at portal under My vehicles I can see device name, and it is - Toyota Touch 2 Plus 17 MMToy. Edit: Thank you for the link, I was there already, and there is no this device. It's the same at or any other portal. This is the closest one - Toyota Touch 2 with Go (CY17) (looking at the image), but it's not this one
  13. I've tried to pair model Toyota Touch 2 with Go (CY17) with my device ID, just to check is it the same because of similarities in its name and look on the picture, but itćs not compatible.
  14. No, I'm in Bosnia, but vehicle is from the UK. However, after device registration online (via WiFi in the car), information at the portal indicate this device model - Toyota Touch 2 Plus 17 MMToy. Unfortunately, there is no such a model at any Toyota portal... From previous experience with my Corolla, factory installed maps are outdated. My current navdb_version in new RAV is A36_4 (whatever it means) and navigation is v.1520.