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  1. Thanks for the input. I ended up buying it yesterday. The gearbox/gear changes are more direct and feels better than my last IQ which had done 90k. Clutch biting point is a little high but overall I’m very happy. Has the facelift interior and aftermarket sat nav screen as well. To refer back to your comment, are clutches more expensive on an IQ than other cars or are you just dreading it because it’s another big expense? thanks
  2. Hi, I recently sold my IQ3 (which I’ve regretted ever since) and have seen another one with 140,000 miles on the clock. Are there any issues or things to look out for with mileage that high? I’m not scared of high mileage cars at all but just want some advice/tips on the IQ3. many thanks!
  3. When you cut the two wires from the switch, you connect the module in series. So the grey wire is the switch side and orange wire will be mirror side. White wire will be switch side, brown wire mirror side. The module I had needed the brown and orange wires to be swapped for the mirror fold button to work as intended.
  4. Totally agree. I find using the fog lights on unlit country lanes helps a fair bit.
  5. It still has the warning light for when the airbag is off. Other cars I’ve owned don’t have a light to warn you the airbag is on, surely that’s a given as a default setting in a car with airbags (?) lol
  6. I just had mine off the other day to get rid of the ‘passenger airbag on’ warning light, which I found really annoying
  7. The one above the stereo, yes? if so, pull the heater control towards you to remove it, Remove the 2 x 10mm stereo mount screws then pull the radio section towards you. The airbag display is just held in place by 5 tabs
  8. Iceman29

    IQ Wanted

    Having owned both, I’d personally get a 1.3 over the 1.0. Not much faster but is way more refined with zero engine vibration issues
  9. I fitted a £10 module from eBay to my IQ last weekend. just need to cut the open/close wires from the switch, which then go through the module. Splice into a permanent live, the wire for locking the doors and either the ignition on wire or door unlock wire (depending on when you want the mirrors to unfold. I chose to use the ignition as my unfolding trigger). The mirror fold/unfold switch will still operate as normal, if required. Wasn’t as hard as I initially thought, as long as you’re handy with a multimeter.
  10. Hi all, I’ve had my IQ for a few months now and it’s a cracking little car. I’m contemplating buying my friends IQ 1.33. I’m thinking of swapping the sat nav in my car to his car, and his standard CD player into my car. Is that a fairly straightforward job in terms of wiring? I have no issues with removing/fitting trim, just wondering if both cars would share a similar loom. thanks in advance!