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  1. Thanks. I was wondering if anyone knows where this could be done. Toyota Owners Club will not be mentioned at all. 👍
  2. As drivers, there MUST be something we can do to change this. It obviously is the wrong decision. How can we lobby Toyota, and even get worldwide support (people in USA saying same thing)
  3. It's true, PeteB. I have two emails from Toyota customer service telling me that they didn't want to confuse the driver in case RSA conflicted speed limits on map and camera - so they've removed the one that's right most of the time.
  4. I've just updated my 2016 Prius to a new 2019 model. This new one has an "upgraded" Touch 2 with navigation that doesn't show speed limits on the roads or on the speed cameras it warns about. I asked toyota how to switch these on, and was told they've removed them because we have the Road Sign Assist. RSA is a joke! It doesn't work at all much of the time, and shows speed limits which can't be true on other times. Anyone any suggestions on how to resolve this? Can I downgrade to a previous software? Any help much appreciated.