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  1. Good morning all, I've just had my car MOT'ed and they have failed it due to the headlamp leveling device being inactive on the nearside front. They said they can't even really be sure that this is broken as there might be dirty wiring or a lose connection ect......but have also said they can't seem to get the part but they can offer me a new head light for £175! Apparently they have changed the law last year that although the headlamps are positioned correctly anyway they levelling device has to actually work 🙄 So am i being ripped off when they say they can't source a replacement part? Is it expensive to replace? Should i take it somewhere else for a second opinion?I'm really not sure what to do as they are saying for me to bring it back for them to take the car apart to look if its actually broken but then my MOT has now run out so i don't want to be driving the car about and would prefer to get it fixed asap!