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  1. In the morning all the year round, and at night too sometimes in the summer. I don't understand how people can't shower in the morning?? You sweat while you sleep, and i can't see the logic in putting clean clothes onto a dirty body!! Then again i am a bit OCD-ish. :!Removed!:
  2. Mine do this also. Try sending the window down whilst pressing gently on the top centre of the glass. Works a treat - Though its not really a fix!! B)
  3. It looked so easy when the instructions were all in German!! Haha!
  4. So you can go war driving?? Haha! Looks awesome mate, can't wait to see it in the flesh! Nice bit of cosmetic surgery to the fascia there too! I really do think you could have a good little business here, pimpyouryaris.com. Seriously, get down to companies house. Now.
  5. I too am hooked. I like it a lot because you can hear a lot of lesser known and non-mainstream bands music, and also have a great collection of your own friends on there! Including the Fact Cow, who gives you a profound little statement every so often! Ask Em!! If anyone wants to see my Alan Partridge shrine, Dicey's MyDisgrace Page - Clicky - this will get you there! I have a few Toccers as friends already! :D
  6. Luckily though, I have an external internet connection on my desk for testing purposes! Shame i'm not at my desk mind... Yep, guns a plenty... but you'll be glad to know our filter picks most up as follows... Access to the page: http://www.impactguns.com/ has been denied for the following reason: Denied by URL filter rules: Weapons Anyway, slightly off topic. I love make-up, it makes my weekend complete! ;)
  7. You should see him operate a bbq... who's for a bit of sausage??
  8. Its all about image jon!! What my adoring public sees and all that... :P
  9. Put me int Yarii list Les, you're a good man! :D
  10. That's an awesome bit of photoshopping! I have to know a bit for work because all our graphics students use Photoshop, but that is just awesome! You should run courses and give talks/demos to students, they'd love it!!
  11. Hmmm, i shall have to wait till i get home to have a looky at this... "Access to the page: http://eatliver.com/makeup/ has been denied for the following reason: Denied by URL filter rules: Tasteless & Offensive" Gotta love working in education with 3rd party web filtering!! haha
  12. Well said Gray. I used to fill up at ASDA (part of the Walmart family don't you know...) all the time, but it is off my route on the way to work, so now I always fill up at either the Texaco near my house or the BP on the road into work, and not being funny, for the extra penny per litre it costs its hardly gonna break the bank!! That's 35p per fillup... in the grand scheme of things i think i can live with myself! :P
  13. Seeing you describe yourself as a noob Em, it just doesn't seem right now!! We all look up to you for advice and (in)sanity! :D
  14. Closest to the wall for me, I think it comes from years of loading dispensers when i worked in shops!! I remember being in a restaurant once and the place had its logo tattooed on the bog roll, thought it was quite a nifty idea... seems a bit odd though considering what you are about to do with said roll?? Haha
  15. Haha that made me laugh! Unfortunatley Jon, because Manchester and its environs has a high population of chavs, boy racers and car thieves, insurance companies are laughing all the way to the bank. Its something we don't really have any control over... Unless we move to some 250 population village in the foothills of mount snowdon!! :P
  16. Great photos Les! Sounds like you had an interesting time, had to lauigh about the Ipod mishap, i did exactly the same thing!!!!!
  17. Haha yeah and you can also have under-seat heating!!!! I have aircon and used the gromit on the top right of the engine bay as you look at it from the front. Only difference is mine runs down the wiring track to what is technically known as a 'boot', but on a yaris is more like a glovebox. Just be careful its not run where peoples feet are all the time, or behind the pedals, or near the steering column, or in the way of the seat rails... etc etc, as you don't want to be driving down the motorway and suddenly everything shorts out because a worn wire makes contact with the body of the car and earths out... Boom!!
  18. I'm with Admiral and at the age of 24 i pay roughly £600 fully comp with hire car cover, not bad considering i have a manchester postcode!!!!!!!. I hear they are good for people with zero no claims too!!
  19. Excellent!! See, Mr. T aint all bad for deals, they have their moments of niceness!! I'm holding back for an Auris soon, i'm gonna run my car for a while longer though and then treat myself i think!!
  20. I'm pretty sure all CDX's come with A/C Dave! Mine's never clicked when clearing the windscreen though!!! I have a clicking noise at the minute, but it is actually a squeaky belt, just sounds like a clicking from inside the car! Plus it only does it when its cold!!
  21. Yeah also, its worth just checking that nobody watches you take the holder off and do the wiping, as a friend of mine had her car broke into for her sat nav, and there was a gang of scumbags lurking near the car when she was taking it off the window. I tend to take it off just before i get to my destination if i know i'm going somewhere teeming with scroats. Sorry to see the damage to your T-pot though, some people have no respect!! :censor:
  22. Or, if you're feeling really brave, take it through the scratch-and-wash and have a good look while you are sat in it, run your fingers round the edges of the doors on the passenger side etc and see if you have anything knocking around! Also, might sound like a daft thing, but check the boot to make sure something hasn't tipped over, or rolled under the back seat. Mind you from the sounds of it, you have a pond in your car so that would have evapped off by now!
  23. Haha! Have to look out for that! Still think my fave was the old one with the window cleaner, and his ladder slips, the womans all like "Hang on i'm coming down!!" and moves her beloved Yaris out of the way! Excellent!
  24. Agreed. However, if it was enforced it would probably become an MOT requirement, and they would probably start doing spot checks... Anyone fancy moving to Spain??? I honestly don't know how much of this cowpat i can take from our 'government' :ffs:
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