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  1. Jan I know you can get the actual manual 1998-2003 fairly easily still. I got mine from Halfords a few years ago but they still are a lot of places you can buy one new or second hand. However if you go to the link put your reg in you should find it on pdf format to as mine certainly was two years ago on that link. https://haynes.com/en-gb/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAqNPyBRCjARIsAKA-WFwDa2Wax18vd8fa2Ut2OGCksutT8JDCcXQWd9rTO-Ypi5y3KfglgFUaArisEALw_wcB
  2. Ah the remote locking.... yep the GLS has a problem. Oddly one thing that never broke on the VVTI lol. Its not the key its probably the sensor but will read up and find out if it is out of sync. There are a lot more bits that can change over as these are only 2 years apart BUT a lot that can't. The GLS console area is a fraction bigger than the VVTI oddly. It also like you say had a double stereo in it but I had a multi in the boot of the VVTI so had already changed that to a decent cd/mp3 one that was above the computer display panel. Thats now in the GLS though the VVTI speakers will have to be moved over to as they are better. I wish the computer thing could go over as it was kinda useful. I don't know it can as the GLS wont have the right wiring and it might not be modern enough to wire it in and run it.... also the front panel would have to go with it and the switches are dodgy in the VVTI even after being cleaned up the heater control would stay stuck. In summer its fine but in winter its annoying as once you turn it down it slipped back to cold and had to be manually turned under the dash to get any heat again ... It was wearing out so badly bless her. I ordered the Amazon H7 ones but will have a look in Lidl and if they have the H7 ones will get them. With them I will need spares in case one blows. I got my old girls Haynes. I do like Haynes ones and thankfully as well as being fairly idiot proof (for me they need to be) it covers both of these. I looked at a 2008 Valematic before I saw the GLS. They look nice but just looking at it I could see there was not much on the VVTi that could help keep it going. IF this GLS is even as good as the VVTI (and I think its a lot sounder in every way) hopefully it will last me till I have to get retested cos of age lol. If it doesn't I will have to get a lot newer one as these old ones are few and far between now. I love their squared off tail gates. You can get so much in there without the seats being put down lol. If ever it stops raining I may need to ask re windows as the GLS needs bits from the old lady and though Haynes manuals are idiot proof I seen to get confused and need help to understand what it says lol
  3. Thanks for all the info Konrad. Its funny you should say about side lights as both of mine are new already ... Oddly even though both came from the same packet the o/s is brighter than the n/s one. My girl has what the garage calls white bulbs. They are older bulbs that are brighter than the original ones but the H7 ones are I think the ones the garage guy called gas ones and I will get a pair this week and see what they are like. This one is my second GLS though this ones the estate and my old one was a hatch. Both though are 2lt auto's and I found the old ones lights fine but this one... I think its cos the VVTI has much better lights being newer and also I had the VVTI on the road for 5 mot's and in that time headlights have got much brighter so your more likely to find the yellow ones both dim but also overshadowed by these newer ones. I know this ones a belt drive and the VVTI is chain driven cos I had to replace it 18 months ago lol. Not much the VVTI didn't have really. She was a rouge compared to the first GLS I had for 8 years. She can and has already donate some bits to the GLS but as you say the engines are totally different. Same with the gear box and exhaust manifold. The electrics are different to sadly otherwise I would have changed headlights. You can tell I wanted to lol. Kinda hoping the fogs will fit ok though as the GLS doesn't have any just blanks still. I wonder if the bulbs in the GLS are old? The whiter bulbs I remember came in years ago and I don't know how long she had these as I only got her when the VVTI became too far gone to repair bless her. The front discs are the same but you know I like shoes on the back. The VVTI's brakes just were never as good as the old GLS or this one.... They were good but the rear pads are so small on. I was expecting a similar size to the front pads but they are half the size. Lol cost a lot more than the front ones to, as do the disc ... That back caliper was huge money to, double the cost of a front one. Maybe that's why I like shoes lol I loved the VVTI (never fully trusted it though lol) but the GLS is smother to drive and since the VVTI engine didn't show its a sports one till around 500 revs I find them both about the same to drive. I was often told the VVTI was wasted on me re the engine's capabilities but since she to was a big old estate car I wasn't really looking to burn anyone off. Besides the VVTI was a candidate for bowing up lol. I got her at 170k miles and took her off the road at 195k... The dealer saw me coming to lol... Do you know she couldn't even drive me home. Her brakes were terrible so just under half way I had to get her lifted and carried 250 miles. She was a very expensive car lol. 13 owners bless her and I think nobody had given her any TLC for years. Judging from how rotten she was underneath we think she was parked in a lake to lol. Not my best buy. This one except for the lights. and actually the VVTI is more comfortable as well as held the road better, is as good but will hopefully last longer . Its got noticeably better mpg to. Though that could well be the miles the VVTI had already done. She was certainly wearing out I kinda hoping both the wheels and the seats will change over as the GLS has ordinary tyres and the VVTI low profile alloys. I don't bother they will look better but I do find the GLS just doesn't feel its holding the road so well. I guess its what you get used to? I will have a look at the LED bulbs to... I not ever had LED lights I don't think and are they as good? With LED and older defused torches the LED are brighter but the older ones light a wider field. Is that the same with lights or does the headlight lens make it the same do you know? I wondered to if that pattern on the GLS lens makes the lights less bright? The VVTI lens is totally clear.
  4. As long as you have the right discs and they are not scored it should be ok. Mine had new disc when I got her then 15k miles later they had to be skimmed as we have so much salt water in the air here discs get changed more often than normal. Lorant I don't know about a 2009 Avensis but for both my old one (2001) and this one (1999) there are 3 different pads and you have to get the right ones. Also some of the older ones had vented discs or not vented.... Both mine are vented on the front but some weren't. I hope they have made it easier with newer ones. Check what it should have as with the bodge job they did with odd pads it may also have the wrong ones fitted? It might be newer ones are standardised but certainly the old ones have a lot of different bits it might be rather than standard this is it ones. If your discs are fine and the right ones then changing the pads should be ok I hope changing the pads sorts out all the problems for you
  5. Lorant my old girls caliper knocked just before it broke. Sadly a few things can cause a knock in the front but in your shoes if it were my car I think I would get a garage, a mechanic or someone with experience that can look and know what it is to check it and see exactly what is going on. Mine had so many problems with brakes but it grouched rather than clicked. I had a bit of uneven pad wear on the side the caliper broke but that caliper knocked three times before it locked up totally. Then it pulled and dragged badly. Thankfully it happened just at my gateway. Someone here may be able to advise you but honestly if that was my car I would get it properly checked and not use it till I knew what it was.... It may only be metal to metal cos the pad is unevenly worn, the brakes are binding for some reason or the pads are not in the right place etc but it could be the caliper or anything really. My old Avensis only specialised in brake and welding problems but long ago I had one knock on the front and it was ball joint with a worn bearing to boot. I promise you if one of mine did that I would be asking the garage to check it over. Fingers crossed its nothing bad but in your shoes I would get it checked to find out what it is.
  6. I will. Thanks again and if they fit and are right will get another set as reading the review these last between 12-18 months and to have spares makes sense cos I guessing they are not kept as often as ordinary bulbs in garages. I tell you I got 2 vehicles I drive at night and all I can say is the GLS is better than the other one... That other ones got 3 pin biggest it can have fitted bulbs and still not brilliant... The GLS is ok but those really bright headlights nearly take mine out. These on the link sound brilliant It will be nice to see properly and not have shadows of my car in the way lol Thanks again :-)
  7. Bless you Mike I think they are very similar bit twice that amount!! The ones on your link look very like with the blue in the same area to. Great they are road legal as I been warned about the older style kits.... They might mean the HID one? The VVTI is 3 pin sadly so the voltage is wrong. Hoping the fog lights will fit though yet to find out lol. The GLS still has blanks in the front fogs. I will get the ones on your link as they really are half the price!! I like the sound of white lights again lol. I honestly don't like the old yellow when the LED ones come towards you the GLS lights are far to dim.... Cars behind make mine have a shadow to. I do a lot of night driving so thanks for that link.... I will get some for sure :-)
  8. I not sure what they art called but they have them in Euro part and you get 2 2 pin bulbs that say they improve the old bulbs by 100%.... You don't have to wire them in but would the HID kit improve mine? If fitted will it still mot as they tell me some wont? Thinking about it they might have to be wired in.... I can't remember what they are called but they told me it would help..... Anything would help, on dipped beam my old girl looks like candle light compared to the VVTI lol
  9. I had to let my old VVTI go and I got one to replace her The new girl is older 1999 GLS. Like the VVTI she has 4 lights but unlike the VVTI she only has the two pin bulbs.... She has what they call in the garage white bulbs but.... The VVTI had bright white lights.... The GLS her lights.... they just are dim and yellow compared to the VVTI. They are ok but with full beam lights or those stupid new things coming to wards you my old lady's lights are almost taken out if you know wha tI mean? I am used to the VVTI white lights and this yellow thing I don't like lol.... I already found out that the VVTI can't donate her lights as the wiring is all wrong sadly but they sell kits... Claiming they are as good as the 3 pin Halogen ones... I just wondered has anyone tried them and do they work?
  10. Lorant once you have done the pads etc if it does it still I totally agree with Konrad My VVTI had horrendous problems with brakes when I bought it. It couldn't even drive me home.... It continued really as all of the brake components including the pipes and a caliper were replaced. Sadly when it comes to calipers there are so many different ones it may have on the 2001 Avensis... 6 actually! Its better to get new than scrap for them as it has to be the right one. I had to do discs and pads all round but also it was the servo.. I got a s/h one from a donor car but by the time she came off the road for good that servo was in need of at least the piston replacing. It intermittently had a too much travel on the pedal, we bleed it. I have to have help as I found the self bleed kits didn't get all the air out. It continued. We bleed it again but it was the servo. The last time she went on the road she played up... It was the s/h servo and it bit about 4" from the bottom.... it then made a noise. The pedal juddered to... It felt like you were walking on uneven gravel if that makes sense? I knew that was her last drive bless her, she was only 4 weeks from her mot and we knew she was not being re mot'd as she could not have any more welding..... She may not have needed it but I had paid 100's every mot and her brakes were the last straw ... If replacing the disc etc doesn't cure yours get the servo checked . Mine was working fine till it did that juddering but the brakes were not as good as they usually were though had I not known the car I may not have noticed they were not 100% Sadly to many second hand cars have had bodge jobs done on them but when it comes to brakes you must do both sides and the person that did the odd ones on yours was totally out of order! I really hope yours is sorted easily and once done its all cured.
  11. I have a Haynes manual. It is no good for yours sadly as it covers all the petrol ones from 1998-2003. There is one from 2004 I know as it was next to this one. They also had a diesel one but mines petrol so not sure what that covered. Mine was from Halfords but I think now you can get them on line in PD what ever it is form.... Try googling as I know the manual for mine is also on line so hopefully your one is to.
  12. I think its an idea to do what I going to do with a Belingo... My Avensis is group 16 and the green one was 243 a year, the one that replaced her is slightly less. Mines with Saga and has been for years really. My green girl failed mot's badly so I got a little 106 to get me out of trouble while she was off road being repaired. His insurance was under 90.... Kinda a shock lol. I decided to change the 106 for something more useful as having a smaller cheaper car actually can be good if your broke or just going into town. I got a Belingo so it can work and the Avensis can have a break from hay and straw bales.... I transferred the 106 insurance and it was 75 more... BUT it would have been far cheaper to start a new policy though with the cancellation fee it actually wasn't. When this cones up for renewal I am going to get some quotes rather than do auto renewal. It might be an idea for you to look at doing the same? The cheapest quote for one car can be so much more with another sadly. Cancellation fee's can mean you have to wait but I will be getting new quotes for the Belingo for sure before renewing the one its got.
  13. Steve that is a horrible place to find your self. I am glad you are ok and was able to avoid an accident. It is seriously scary to lose all brakes. Its happened to me twice now, both were Toyota's but both were old, one had done 170k (the dealer saw me coming with that one lol) the other round 90 k, so ordinary ware and tare really and not 5 months old!! I understand fully re you not sure about trusting to drive it..... Given its so new can you ask it to be replaced with a new one? I hope they have the decency to give you a curtsy car!! Given your ones mileage/age its the least they can do! I can't begin to say how I would feel. To get a new car and have it do this must be so, well for me I would feel both sad and angry..... I would really ask if they can just replace it unless they 100% explain why it happened and 100% repair it.... My green one was repaired after being lifted home to a garage for brake failure the day I bought it.... It was a while before I learned to trust her I hope so much you can get this sorted