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  1. I treated my car to Diamond car mats when I got the car in 2019, and have been very pleased. Protects the carpet, which is still brand new underneath, and the mats have not worn at all. You have to completely replace the carpet / Toyota mat on the drivers side as it needs to fix securely, but on the passenger side I just installed them over the existing passenger mat. Make sure you order the HYBRID set. They did not do a HYBRID set when I bought them, so I did have to cut the back mat set so the mat did not cover the Hybrid battery cooling vents! https://www.diamondcarmats.com
  2. I thought I read that Toyota have reduced production because of the global supply issues of components due to logistics and micro chip shortages. I sell electric blinds, and Velux have virtually discontinued electric blinds so they have enough micro chips for their electric windows. I know a customer of mine has ordered a Ford back in May this year and was quoted February next year for it. I believe Toyota faired fairly well at the start of the pandemic because due to the Tsunami and nuclear power plant disaster in Japan, they stocked up on components, so last year they got back up to speed fairly quickly. Now everyone is struggling. Makes you appreciate what you have, and when you get new, celebrate more.
  3. Glad you enjoyed your test drive! I always said I would never have an "Automatic", as I have always been one to want to drive a car, rather than have it drive for me, after all, without the need to change gear, what is there to stop you getting bored? But like you, when I had my test drive of the CVT, I was converted. It is more like taking off in a plane, no jerky spasms of acceleration, just a smooth increase in speed. I had a 2 ltr turbo manual before, but the 2 ltr Hybrid takes off faster than a manual, and keeps on going, so I found that I did not notice the transition to a less powerful car so much as I thought I would. When we were allowed to travel, I visited friends in Devon, and noticed that I arrived fresher, not exhausted from slipping the clutch and constant gear changes on the M5 in all the tail backs. So you should enjoy your drive more. My choice was the 2ltr Excel, with panny roof and JBL system. Main reason was because I had my last car 17 years, and it was my first ever new car purchase, so I felt it time to spoil myself! In fact, I don't use many of the extra's, but enjoy the sun roof and sound system. The Design is a good choice, in my view, only go for the GR Sports if you prefer the cosmetics and Heads Up display.
  4. I have to say, it was a niggle of mine when I bought my Corolla 2 years ago (Second service yesterday, doesn't time fly!) that there is so much info out there, that is confusing. Even the UK car mags were discussing features on the Corolla, which were in fact only available in the US. But feature wise, I find the Corolla has a lot for the money. The big price is really about the Hybrid system, rather than what other features it has or has not. Once you have had the car for a while, I am sure you will agree it is a great drive. And a safe one, and a reliable one.
  5. I would not be surprised if a few taxi's are around for sale with business owners reducing their fleets etc. And they may well have lower mileage as we are into the second year of restrictions now. My Amazon book purchase came by taxi the other day, with a business card attached to the Amazon box, by one taxi owner managing to find another source of income during the current nightmare. Also, quite a few second hand vehicles 1 or 2 years old with very low mileage, I imagine.
  6. I miss not having to top up the 12 volt battery with distilled water.... My first car, a 17 year old Ford Anglia, needed topping up at least once a month!
  7. The sales guy for Corolla told me that "You won't visit the petrol station so often". When I went back to have minor faults rectified ( the ad on's nothing serious ), I said he should have said "You won't put so much in the tank", as I visited the petrol station just as many times as before. The reason, is the Corolla has a 43ltr tank, whilst the SAAB had a 65ltr tank. I get roughly the same mileage per tank as before, but use 22 ltrs less. Same size engine 2ltr, but the SAAB had a turbo. At the moment a tank full is lasting 6 or 7 weeks, but I always fill right up, and don't usually refill until the reserve light comes on.
  8. Well I have made a few journeys this week. It is supposed to load automatically, but so far I have had to load it myself, or nothing happens. It works in the back ground, and presents on screen when approaching a speed camera, very prominent, unlike the Toyota Nav built in one. It shows the speed limit at the camera and counts down the distance to it. You can also real time announce a mobile camera if you see one, and the system will alert other drivers in the area. The 2 speed camera's I have passed, the system shows the wrong speed limit. It proclaimed 20 mph at a local 40mph camera, and 10mph at a 30 mph camera. So, I don't think I will bother, it does not seem very reliable.
  9. Agreed. I still have not installed it, due to lock down, not used car since I wrote this post. The standard Nav system has speed camera's listed, so I will be interested to see what extra benefits you get that are worth £37. I don't know about driving abroad and speed cameras. I never have yet, and no plans to do so soon.
  10. I just noted that a free 1 month trial of Coyote is available on the on line portal, E store. First software available from e store apart from map updates, for the New Corolla. I've subscribed, but not installed OTA in the car yet. Anyone else tried it?
  11. My thoughts, just on the HB 2 ltr. I am single, and the car is fine for me. My previous car was a SAAB 93 Turbo, also classed as a "small family car". But in comparison to the Corolla, it was massive, with a large boot, and loads of space with the back seat down. I did not appreciate how big it was until I bought the Corolla, also billed as a small family car. The Corolla 2 ltr has a tiny boot. When I put a shopping bag in the boot, the bag actually displaces the rear "shelf" as the boot floor level is so high due to the 12 volt battery underneath the floor. The 1.8 does give you a lower floor level, so you can get more in. When I went down to Devon for Christmas (Christmas before last, of course!) with just me in the car and my luggage and presents etc, the car was full, with the back seats down. The SAAB I never managed to fill to capacity. It's fine or me, but if I had a partner I would definitely have chosen the TS, or the Trek, although the Trek was not available when I ordered. The TS looks pretty smart in my opinion.
  12. Yes, to my knowledge, most cars with auto headlights have the option to over ride that system. Surely we are not in the age where drivers are so incompetent that they have to have the car decide when to turn the lights on or not! Especially when the system switches them on and off without an audible warning. it is usually too light in the cabin to notice the headlight warning lamp has illuminated. But I am used to hearing a "click" which is the system switching the lights on, unless I have the radio on.
  13. Yes, I do. But not when it is still so light out there that i am the only driver with lights on. But the issue is that the auto headlights are too sensitive, and flash on and off when no other cars have theirs on. The garage has tried to reduce the sensitivity, but they can't. It is daft that the driver has no control over their own headlights.
  14. Interesting Tony, I did not realise. I only use the side light switch, because the headlights flash on and off during dark winter days. There is a car park for an out of town retail centre, and to enter / exit, you go into the shade of buildings. This prompts the auto headlights to switch on without notice, and I have had to emergency brake when cars pull out in front of me. This happened a few times before I realised it was the headlights swiching on, making other drivers think I was flashing them out of side turnings. So I only use my side lights during the day when it is dull, to prevent the lights flashing on. In the new Corolla, you cannot switch the headlights off expecpt by doing this, or cutting the main power. Totally poor in my opinion. Alternatively, I switch the headlights on myself, then I know when they have illuminated, not risk them turning on when I am approaching a junction, something I would never do myself due to the obvious confusion this might cause.
  15. Yes, my gripe, if it is getting dark, you have headlights , no choice! Can be dangerous, as I have posted a few times before. Best you can do is switch to side lights, which will cancel the headlights, which will save some load on the battery. This is what I do on dark November days to stop the headlights flashing on and off, thus avoiding other drivers thinking I am flashing them out of junctions!
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