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  1. It is fine, really. I bought the Panny roof which makes it a lot lighter inside, but during the winter, the blind has been closed, and I am totally used to it. I tend to forget to open the blind. On positive side, the dark roof won't show marks!
  2. I went flat last week and used this. https://bearmach.com/product/electrical-charging-toelelec/jump-starter-genius-boost-sport-500a-ultrasafe-lithium-gb20?glCountry=UK&glCurrency=GBP&gclid=Cj0KCQiAst2BBhDJARIsAGo2ldVxmso9f-FrKPMcztUEm4gptkBx9ZRafi53I_yCN0YRwfP0ead4NkUaArLkEALw_wcB It can fit in the glove compartment easily, has an inspection light, and can even charge your phone. It had me going in seconds.
  3. Yes, I had a Yaris from Aylesbury when servicing last June. It seemed very primitive compared to the Corolla, and no power, and little EV distance at all. MPG was less that the 2 ltr, so made a mental note not to downsize! Tyre ware house is great, I don't go anywhere else.
  4. Bad luck Andru. Only good thing is that it didn't happen at speed on the A43. And that the tyre stayed up. The gunk stuff we have in the boot would not be much good in that situation. Glad you are OK.
  5. Yes, many have had success with solar chargers. I have not in the past, I think it is because my driveway is North facing, and only gets direct sunlight for a couple of hours a day in the summer, nothing much in winter. My only choice is a mains charger really, or follow the Toyota lock down process. I took the car for a run out today, first reasonable trip for weeks, so hoping the 12V is back up to speed.
  6. OK, I didn't fully register your recent comment where you mentioned you had tried a PC as well. Best leave it until your service and get the dealer to check and advise. Frustrating, but as long as your Nav is still working, I doubt you are missing much by skipping the most recent update for a bit longer. One last thought, on the PC did you do a quick format or a full format? My first update back in 2019, I had similar problems, but had been quick formatting the stick, which was not a new one. After full formatting, which takes a lot longer, the car finally recognised the files and start
  7. I'm like that with house work! Carpets last much longer if you vacuum less frequently.
  8. I can only suggest you try to find a friend with a PC who can do the whole process for you. Pain.
  9. Nothing old fashioned about running in. The Hand book advises it with details on how to do this for the Corolla, and depending on how long you keep your car, it will thank you for it. Strangely, the dealer never mentioned a running in period, I had to find the details in the handbook myself.
  10. For the first time, I had problems with the 12 V battery today. I am doing less miles than in the first and second lock downs, last time I drove the car was Saturday, 16 miles. I used my Noco jump starter and was up and running in no time . https://bearmach.com/product/electrical-charging-toelelec/jump-starter-genius-boost-sport-500a-ultrasafe-lithium-gb20?glCountry=UK&glCurrency=GBP&gclid=Cj0KCQiAst2BBhDJARIsAGo2ldVxmso9f-FrKPMcztUEm4gptkBx9ZRafi53I_yCN0YRwfP0ead4NkUaArLkEALw_wcB I would not upgrade the battery without discussing with the dealer. The Hybrid system is complex and
  11. I notice it mainly on cold days and when in traffic, with the engine firing up. Clouds of white smoke. Not noticed it at other times, but it is probably not so visible to me when I am moving at speed.
  12. Yes, very true. Not really having a go at my dealer, they have always been excellent, which is why I bought from them rather than Mercedes, due to the superior sales experience from Toyota. It must be hard for the sales guys to hit targets right now, especially if the only USP is a new plate and Android Auto.
  13. Yes, I find the same, the Corolla stone chips easily and swirl marks can be seen on the paint now. My old SAAB was 17 years old, and had lacquer finish, and it made a big difference. In fact, you didn't need to polish it , the finish stayed excellent. after 17 years, no swirl marks, but some stone chips which I covered rather badly. I don't think the Corolla will look as good in 17 years.
  14. I think sales must be quiet, if not the service dept. My dealer is contacting me constantly to discuss "My finance agreement". I am over half way through my PCP, and they want me to buy a new plate! With only 9K on the clock and lock down, it does not seem a viable option to buy a new car which is the same except for Android Auto which I don't use, and a new plate. So hopefully your dealer can turn it around quickly for you.
  15. Reminds me of when I had my SAAB! I always forgot when parking to not park with the nose over the curbs at the edge of car parks. I would park happily on my own. Then give 2 mates a lift home. Car drops an inch with the extra weight. I reverse to the happy sound of the nose scraping over the curb as it has now grounded! Happy days patching up ripped bodywork!
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