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  1. Apparently, the Corolla also has Hill Start Assist. From the specs: Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) Downhill Assist Control (DAC) With the hold button, not sure why this is required? Never been aware of HAC operating, and off topic, but no idea what Downhill Assist Control (DAC) is.
  2. The hand book shows how to get into the menu settings in the picture attached. I don't have Design, the problem with these handbooks is that they are for all models.
  3. Thanks for raising it Al. To be honest, I didn't take too much notice of the message, as the car sometimes doesn't connect properly to the internet, and you have to click "try again", which sometimes works, sometimes not. I just assumed it was another new message to cancel in the list of things that pop up on screen! I guess when the message stops popping up, we probably won't notice for a few days!
  4. Thanks Frostyballs, I also had this email back this morning. Your contact gave much more info. I guess at the moment, traffic alerts not being available will not be a disaster.
  5. I just replicated the problem in my driveway. The car connected to my land line broadband OK, and the phone was also connected to the car for mobile signal OK. The problem has happened when out and about as well, so not linked to the home Wi Fi. I checked the emergency system was connected, and the green light was showing, so I assume the emergency assist feature is OK.Today, Data seemed to be transmitting to MyT OK. So, I cannot see what is not happening, or why we are suddenly getting this message.
  6. Yes, I'm getting it on the Main display, just click OK, and it goes. Likewise, internet service seems connected. I doubt it is anything to do with Hybrid system service. I still have 2,000 miles to go.
  7. Shame, but just enjoy a good walk instead Andrue! We will probably be confined to our houses shortly, with a walk around the supermarket as our main exercise.
  8. What a nightmare for you. Probably not relevant to you, but it reminds me of advice I have been given. Especially following on from Konrad C's post. In the UK, the garage that services my commercial vehicle advised me to always use a trusted brand like BP, you pay a bit more, but the quality of fuel can be relied upon. I also noted that, when I got my new Corolla, there were a few quality items that the dealer noted, and I had to return to the dealer to have those items resolved. As the dealer is 25 miles away, they paid to top up my tank, and would only take me to BP, not the supermarket pump which was nearer. So I do tend to use one of the oil companies, but confess to risking supermarket fuel on occasion as well. Hope you get it resolved painlessly. Please keep us advised, and good luck.
  9. Opel Astra! I had an Opel Kadett (last of Opel brand in UK before they became Vauxhall Astra) in the 80's, followed by a Vauxhall Astra in 1987. I liked it, 1.2 ltr and shifted well! Much better than the 1.4ltr Escort that I replaced it with. Hated the Escort, burnt fuel, smoky, and blew around on the motorway in even a breeze! Never had any luck with Fords!
  10. Thanks Mike, Useful information, and great to have reposted in all clubs for each model owner to easily see and be reassured.
  11. 2ltr Vs 1.8ltr it's a matter of opinion, and what you want re performance, or if max economy is what you prefer. 1,8 gives you perfectly adequate performance and most economy. It was the only engine I test drove, and I felt it was fine. 2.0 ltr gives you best power (and for me enjoyment) and Hybrid economy. That is why I say as a 2ltr owner, I don't look at other Hybrids for comparison, I look at other 2ltr non Hybrids. So my car gives me a good drive compared to my last, with 20 mpg saving, without even trying to be economical. Much better when I am. It's horses for courses. The only right or wrong answer is in the hands of the buyer. And fortunately, most Corolla owners think their selection is best. I'm glad Toyota brought out the 2ltr when they launched the new platform, I'd have felt I had missed out if it had been introduced this year as an upgrade. In the event, when I got the 2.ltr having not test driven it, I was very pleasantly surprised.
  12. Have you seen an email tonight stating that the garage part of the dealers are closed as well? I know the government said that garages / MOT centres are an essential business, so are exempt from the recommendation to close. But totally appreciate the need to keep staff safe. Bearing in mind the recommendation is to have our vehicles serviced by the dealer, I am surprised that they did not mention whether we should get a service done at a local garage, or just leave it until they open again. Thinking of PCP agreements, 5 year warranties / Hybrid battery warranties, which depend on dealer maintenance. "Dear Mr Monahan, Following the statement from the Prime Minister earlier this week, we would like to advise you that our Centres are now temporarily closed in order to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and communities. We have contacted all customers with vehicles in our aftersales operations to discuss collection/return. All bookings for service, MOTs and repairs are now suspended, so if you have an existing booking, please do not arrive for your appointment. All future bookings will be rescheduled and we will contact affected customers as soon as the Government confirms it is safe to re-open. Any customer in the process of purchasing a vehicle has been contacted directly by our sales team. We have designated key staff to work from home in a safe environment so that we can still look after our customers while protecting our team. If you have any questions at all, please contact our Customer Care team at cc@steveneagell.co.uk and we will be happy to help. Our website will remain operational throughout this period, so you are more than welcome to browse our new and used vehicles – we will be responding to all enquiries. Our social media channels will also continue to be operating, so please don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, as you prefer. Thank you for your loyalty and support and understanding as we navigate through these uncertain times. We look forward to getting through this together. Very best wishes Steven Eagell Chief Executive Officer" Just wondered if any other dealer made it clearer. My service is not due for another 7 weeks, so I have time to clarify with them. Anyone with a service due sooner, have any concerns? If ever there was a time when we do not need a major fault to occur!
  13. When winter came, the Tyre pressure warning light came on every morning, so I increased by 2psi to compensate. Because the low profile tyres seem much more prone to pressure change. What you say, could that be why the dealer supplied the cars with about 4psi over the hand book recommended PSI? You may remember a topic where this was discussed, and I , for 1, reduced the pressure to the hand book settings. Maybe the dealers automatically set the PSI higher (so it was not a mistake) but they didn't advise us? I'll certainly have a go at what you say. But you are right, when the tyres were as 4psi, the road noise from the tyres was considerably more than when the pressures were reduced.
  14. Another thing to bear in mind is that your MPG will vary with the seasons. As previously said, 1.8 if you are worried about economy, 2.0 if you want most more power when you want it. I drive from Northamptonshire to Devon, often using M42 and M5 most of the way. In my 2ltr Hatch, I can get about 53 mpg in the summer, but it drops to about 47 in this last winter. You could probably do a bit better than that, but I like "to get there" if you see what I mean. I can sometimes get to 70 mph on EV alone unless I floor it, the 2ltr EV is more powerful than the 1.8. So really, it depends on whether you are comparing with your current car, and what your expectations are. As I typically used to get 33 mpg with my last car, that is what I based my expectations on, so I am happy. Hope that makes sense!
  15. Thanks David, smart car, I like it. I got the hatch because I am a singleton, so it is for most of the year fine for me. And I sometimes want to take lots of boxes to the tip etc, so the hatch is practical. But the Saloon is super. If it was made in the UK, I would have bought I think, as I note the seats in the back can still drop, so probably almost as versatile as a hatch anyway. I have a fit of patriotism because of BREXIT and my naff experience of sales by a certain German manufacturer, so if the Saloon came to UK production, I would definitely consider.As mentioned, not too sure about the window trim, it sticks out, and raises question, what is it for? Congrats again, looks quality.