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  1. If it is going in on Saturday, ask the dealer to check that too.
  2. I tried -1 then -2. Does not make much difference. I am a little concerned as during this winter, my headlights are flashing on and off even in sun light, when you go into a shady spot, and I have had cars pulling out in front of me thinking I am flashing them on. I will report when it goes in for a service, at the moment, the only solution is to turn the side lights on, which cancels the auto setting.
  3. Didn't you recently have My T connected by the dealer? Maybe they did something strange with the connected services? I had no luck with the dealer, they did not know how to connect my Corolla, so Toyota rang me and dealt with the connection. Maybe the dealer did something. Just based on my experience!
  4. Yes, I was back to 54 for a while, just over 48 now((
  5. It doesn't seem to work for local trips as you can't be expected to keep a constant speed. Once you get out on the motorway it will record, or even a trip up the A43 beyond Towcester, it will probably work. Last time I had an applicable journey I was on the M5.
  6. That bit of duel carriage way is quite fun! I have been a bit silly and reached 88 half way up before throttling back, but I still find the high revs instantly and consistently a bit off putting, so have never tried to see just how fast I can get to. I have never floored it as I round that first corner, as the revs already reach 5K , so I am a bit of a coward I think! But the 2 ltr is not to shabby compared to my old 2ltr turbo, if you can get used to the high revs and smooth constant acceleration. I have had an astonished BMW driver zoom by with disgust that a Corolla burnt them off from the lights, but I am happy to end the madness at that point....
  7. Great! just thought I was missing out on a function! So long since I had a sun roof, the the last car I had with one was a dark blue Ford Escort 1.4ltr in 1990! Glad you found the button. I tend to press all the wrong ones with the sun blind going back and forth, so no instruction reading on my part, just pressing everything until I get what I want!
  8. Oh, not sure I understand about your sunroof? Mine has tilt, or slide. Tilt option, it does not open much.
  9. There was mention that deliveries were delayed whilst the upgraded 2020 spec was launched, they stopped building 2019 spec in October I think. And the Sport spec has been launched, I guess these changes plus high demand for self charging cars (plug in models market share has fallen) is increasing lead times. That said, I bought mid Feb, and my car took 14 weeks even then.
  10. Difficult to answer your questions as in the dealer all options may not be available for you to see. I have Panoramic roof and JBL. Sound from JBL is good, but can't advise how much better it is than standard system as I have not heard it. The panny roof is great. I got it because it gives the illusion of the black 2 tone roof anyway, not available with my colour, and the inside trim of the Corolla is very dark. The Panny roof lets in loads of light, and I can open it rather than use air con during the summer. I had all leather seats in my last car. The Corolla seats 50 50 are OK, not as good quality as my last car, but OK. I had sports seats in last car, super comfortable, Corolla seats are OK, and I prefer sports shape. There is a rumour that all leather seats may be introduced in UK, as in USA, but new options will always be launched, so you will never buy and get all the options you want.
  11. Yes, I have turned the ICE on and off by twiddling the air con control between 20 and 19 degrees! It has been a mild Winter so far in the UK, so I have never used the seat heaters, but normally never use them even with all leather seats as I had in my previous car. Even the air con I rarely used last summer, but I have a sun roof, so tended to open that. Maybe I will try using the heater and seat warmers to see what that does to the MPG. The Corolla can become a bit obsessive on mpg, in the SAAB, I didn't much care, it was just about using the turbo carefully if I wanted better mpg!
  12. There was a bad crash reported recently involving this kind of technology, not in this country, where the driver did not take control, I think they were using mobile or something. Reported last year. Anything that requires you to take control, means that while you are not, your attention will lapse. I think on British roads, probably a bad idea. Maybe try around Silverstone circuit with no other cars on the circuit, until developments have moved on a lot further.
  13. It is a USA article, their tastes are different to European tastes, so it would be interesting to see what happens in the rest of the world. The article seems to focus on the saloon, which would be more popular in the States. My gut is that a new model becomes more appealing , and much of the Prius technology has been used or enhanced in the Corolla. i have seen that some taxi owners have taken up the HB Corolla, on this forum, but the general view is that the HB is a little compact for taxi use. Certainly, compared to my SAAB 93, which was supposed to be a comparable middle sized family car, the Corolla is tiny in comparison, with little leg room in the back, and roof line is quite awkward. Also not good for a lot of luggage unless you drop the back seats. I have not seen the TS, but I would say that is the best option for a taxi. I would hope that there is much more luggage space, and a less awkward roof line in the back, and more leg room? In which case, maybe the TS will become the next preference for taxi owners.
  14. Yes, it sounds like your car is not fully connected to the system. I had this and in the end I had a conversation with Toyota on the phone. Aylesbury dealership were unable to help, I had to do it myself, and the call centre completed the connection. It got resolved in September. Very good when completed. Maybe the dealership will know what to do now, but in August, they were still trying to find out for me how to connect the car.
  15. Yes, in the dark December days and now January days, my headlights are flashing on and off constantly, when moving from shade to sun. I've set mine to -2 as well. But in the rain, they often don't come on, and the minus 2 is not making much difference. In car parks it is quite dangerous, several cars have just pulled out in front of me. I think I will ask the dealer for a solution when the car goes in for it's first service. I would prefer an off switch, as the little light indicator on the dash board is not noticeable, so I have no warning that the lights came on.