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  1. I changed to Direct Line at end March, and they were £250 cheaper than Admiral who insured me last year. I also swapped my Commercial vehicle to Direct line and saved nearly £300. There may be cheaper on price comparison sites than that, but I have had Direct Line in the past, and they are easy to deal with. They had no problem taking on the Corolla.
  2. Yes, I had this discussion with the service manager at my dealer. It does look like moulding marks. Especially as all the "faults" are identical. However, the service manager did say he can feel the cracks with his finger nail, I tried it (didn't want to before in case I scratched the polished surface!) and can feel a very slight indentation with my nail as well. These polished surfaces are very delicate, I think scratches are inevitable. I've heard nothing yet from my dealer, I'll give it a while longer to see what the thoughts are about it from Toyota..
  3. Yes, I've got a friend who is 6' 4". He is OK in the front, with the seat at it's lowest point, and his head has to remain in the space where the moon roof is, blind open! Otherwise, his hair brushes the interior. Not helped because the moon roof lowers the interior by almost 2 cm, so I understand. I'm just 5' 10" , but I have to say, I would not want to be in the back seats for a long journey. None of this is a problem for me, I love the car. I can that see a tall family would have to go for another option.
  4. Was that on "Lo" Andrue? I think my last car was better (Although I had a new compressor in 2018 , the hot summer was too much for the original, only major thing I ever had done in 17 years) but I am not finding the Corolla air con is too bad, so far.
  5. Tony, you can see the Hybrid system monitor on the main screen, if you want. Or just a mini version of it if you want the map display. You get the small hybrid indicator on the centre display on the instrument panel. Is that what you meant? But, no, you have to have the RPM gauge, the whole of the instrument panel is not LCD, just the central part. I've seen Mercedes have no physical instruments any more, everything is LCD, but not a Corolla, yet. Probably next years update! Edit. Another topic about the Corolla display suggests that the GR Sport may have full LCD. All the specs change, it is hard to keep up!
  6. Yes, Andru, I can confirm my car does the same. The van has a Garmin portable device, and that also bings and bangs at me to warn I am doing above 50 on that stretch of road. I guess it makes sense to give the Sat nav priority. Many road signs are completely obscured by vegetation at the moment, so if the car relied on the camera, it would probably just keep throwing us the nsl indicator. Not sure what purpose the camera has, if the sat nav over rules it. In the case of the A422, I doubt the camera can see any speed signs, it is so poorly sign posted. I certainly didn't see them until you mentioned it the other day.
  7. In the UK, there is a recall checker bolted onto the main Toyota site, where you can enter your reg number or VIN to check if you have an outstanding recall. Just checked mine and it's all clear. Maybe it applies to the previous model Corolla?
  8. Great that they have identified a fault. We need to note that if the air con light goes out, the system is identifying a fault. Hope they get it fixed for you. You will find the air con a great system, and all the more remarkable that it works when the engine is not running! One of the advantages the sales man was very enthusiastic about when he took me for a test drive!
  9. The Corolla 1.8 and 2 ltr have different batteries. 1.8 is Li-ion , 2.0 is nickel-metal hydride. I have the 2.0 and it never shows full battery driving locally. But on a trip to Devon last year I descended a long Devon hill, and it showed full and kept charging for 5 minutes under breaking.
  10. Yes, it happens all the time.There have been a few answers on this site, which include warming up the cooling system so the heater is ready if required, something to do with preparing the brakes (pressurising the hydraulic system, as with a non hybrid, the power brakes don't work unless the engine is running, not so with a Hybrid) , and other things I can't remember now. So the ICE does run when it is not charging the battery or powering the wheels. Basically, the Corolla is more computer than car. It is a shame Toyota don't issue a tutorial on how it works, for those interested owners who take in all the little quirks these Hybrids have. We just have to share information, and speculate on what is happening, much of the time! Unless a technician sees our query on this site and answers.
  11. A wild card here, but you don't have the car in Eco mode do you? That would cause the air con to work at reduced capacity, although it does not explain why the light is going out. I have travelled for 8 miles today in Eco mode, but the air con light stayed on, although the air con was not as efficient.
  12. No, the RPM gauge is a physical instrument, as is the engine temp and fuel gauge on the opposite side. Only the central section is an LCD screen. you can change the central screen to show Hybrid monitor. I still refer to the RPM gauge, as it shows if the engine is running or not, and it is interesting to see the engine speed when accelerating etc. Quite fascinating to see that you can travel at 70 mpg with the engine ticking over below 2K, or even on EV only. And even though the paddles are not operating a physical gear box, you still can see the revs rise if you need extra torque to pass.
  13. Yes, it's worth the wait! And bearing in mind the factory was closed, your actual working week time is about normal. The Corolla has been a massive boost for Toyota, high demand for it is a good thing.
  14. The light going out could also be an indication that there is a fault. In the USA, 2018 Corolla users have reported this, as have other Toyota model owners.Usually indicates the compressor is not firing up. If it is just the switch led, should be easy to fix, but since the Air con does not seem to be working properly in this case, sounds like the system is not firing up.The switches only send a signal to the computer, they don't do any thing physical locally, like they used to in the good old days.