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  1. Yes, I grounded the front end in a Devon lane a few days after picking mine up. Sickening! But luckily, it just grazed the bottom of the trim, not visible, Sort of made me realise why there are so many SUV's and 4 x 4's around.
  2. With my old car (low tech) I just disconnected the 12 volt battery. Then reset the clock when I reconnected it, and drove away. No probs. Would that work with the new Corolla, or would it mess up all the computer gubbins? I read somewhere that it is the 12 volt battery that has the short life. The Hybrid battery would normally take many months before it was affected.
  3. Like others, the smoothless of when the engine kicks in is remarkable! Only really hear the engine at low speeds. One think I do notice when travelling at a steady 50 mpg, is that I can tell when the hybrid system instructs the ICE to charge the battery, without looking at the indicator. I can feel a resistance as the ICE is used to generate, and a release when the ICE returns to powering the drive wheels only. I often look at the hybrid indicator when I feel this, and a second later, the arrows start circulating towards the battery . Strange feeling, when you have not driven a Hybrid before, but you get used to it.
  4. A member mentioned there is a problem with some Samsung phones and disconnection, not sure which thread the conversation was in. Is your phone a Samsung by any chance? Worth checking all software updates on the phone have been updated. Can you try another phone to see if it has a problem? I have a phone operating Android 8, and can't say I have had a problem.
  5. My dealer is servicing my Corolla today. It should have had it's first service by 24th May under terms of warranty. I asked if the service intervals should now be June each year (For me) but the dealers says that for the next service, the interval reverts back to the anniversary of my purchase date ie for me May each year, or 10,000 miles on from previous service, which ever is sooner. Just a point to note , in case you were wondering, and have had a service delay due to the dealers being closed this year.
  6. Car in for service today. My dealer has taken a picture of the cracks and is sending them to Toyota for review. The receptionist also has a Corolla, but says he has not seen the problem in his car yet.
  7. Sorry, no. My assumption is that it has something to do with the alert you get when you leave a key fob in the car and the car beeps when you shut the door or try to lock them in the car, or if you have keyless entry, switches that off?
  8. For me, I test drove the 1.8 , but bought the 2 ltr. So not enough time to evaluate the 1.8, which I found totally acceptable. I had a powerful car before, enjoyed that, so didn't want to take a big step down in power. There is a difference between the 2 engines. For me, I get about 20 mpg more than I did in my previous 2 ltr, and I have not lost the fun to drive element, so the 2 ltr ticks the boxes for me. If maximum economy had been my new goal, the 1.8 would have delivered 28 or even 30 mpg better than my previous car, judging from what other owners have said. As my mileage is not that great per year, the extra power is more important to me than the few extra mpg's. So, it is down to you to work out what is more important to you, economy or power. But which ever engine you choose, I doubt you will be disappointed.
  9. Oh, bad luck. Yes, it must be the system hidden under the front badge, also used for variable cruise control. I wonder why there is such variance on specs from country to country? I understand that "fashion" might vary, thus the difference in upholstery colour and specs etc, but safety is a fairly universal requirement, I would have thought.
  10. OK, it was the opinion of a motoring magazine. I realise I should not take much notice of motoring mags, but it seemed a viable opinion when I read it. Given the uncertainty over new sales of diesel models going forward.
  11. That's interesting, I've noticed this too. I am on about 6500 now ( Expected to have blown my 8K annual maximum PCP agreement by now, thanks lockdown!) and yesterday a trip to Banbury on twisting hilly roads saw me achieve 60mpg. I put it down to warm weather with no wind resistance, but maybe it is due to the engine settling in as well. I was seeing about 52 to 55 mpg last summer. I think 60 is a bit of a blip, but I will be very happy if I get more that 55 on that trip, which I do a lot.
  12. Yes, I read that the New Corolla with TNGA platform and hybrid was aimed at the VW hatch diesel lovers, and similar. Maybe they thought the Auris (UK) and same model Corolla ( rest of world) didn't quite give Toyota the shove needed to persuade a transfer from diesel. Akio Toyoda's"no more boring cars." statement sort of fits with that ambition, given that the power train in the 1.8 has been around a while.
  13. No harm worrying about economy! I have often had situations in the past when I could only just afford the fuel to get to work! But I could only dream of 61.5 mpg! According to the engine spec you should be getting between 59 and 66 mpg, so your car seems about right for a 1.4ltr diesel. But as previously requested, it would be interesting to learn under what conditions you got 61. 5 mpg. Re Hybrid, Toyota introduced them in the New Corolla to compete with Diesel VW's and equivalent of similar engine size and power, for those wanting to move from Diesel. I don't think they ever wanted to match the price, and for the complex power train, they were never going to. But to achieve what Andru does with a 1.8 ltr, that's pretty good for Petrol.
  14. Yes, I have a scratch, and a damaged piece where the centre console meets the drivers seat. I assumed it was a friend's ring when she adjusted the air con ( i have not moaned at her!) but all the shiny black plastic I now wipe with a micro fibre spectacle cleaner. I am sure it will all look quite worn in a year or so, it is not at all resilient to an accidental scrape from anything hard. No idea if you can get some sort of scratch remover?
  15. No, I never use the parking facility since it decided it was fine to park on the pavement. I do it myself. The Corolla won't allow you to impact an object even at very slow speed. I have no idea why you don't have front parking sensors, but that will be why the brakes don't apply automatically when approaching an object in front.
  16. I agree. Interesting video's. I think I would prefer to wait, looks a bit bodged job to me! If you can get Toyota to do a better job for £50, why pay 499 Euro. Great, if you have an older Toyota, that is never going to be upgraded, but since the new cars will be, and the update covered by Toyota, it's a no brainer for me.
  17. Super! Bearing in mind the current situation, March to June is pretty good going. It took Feb to end May for me last year. Enjoy!
  18. With the proximity sensors bleeping away, once you get a constant tone, the brakes slam on. At very low speed.
  19. They could be bold and limit the scheme to cars produced in this country?
  20. I know when I bought mine back in Feb 2019, I was amazed how hard it is to actually find out what you are going to get! Mainly due to all the different specs around the world. I thought I was getting a physical 1st launch gear, no that is for the USA. A guy from the USA told me I could not be getting a sun roof, you can't have that with the Corolla. No, that applies to the States, in UK, you can have one. Etc, Etc! So, no way is a brochure going to be always up to date, even the web is not quite often.
  21. I think you will get Falken ZE914 . That is the tyre supplied for UK Excel's, and looking at Les's new car above, that tyre is still being supplied.
  22. Yes, I doubt they reprint the brochure so quickly. The sales person missed a trick by not boosting his sales pitch by mentioning the extra features you were going to get. Nice car, you must be pleased.
  23. Yes, the specs changed late last year. Drivers picking up from November reported that Android and Apple were included, and the full leather is an update for 2020 models. Good decision switching off LSA, You might want it if you do a very long motorway journey, but if you have never had it, you won't miss it. Enjoy.
  24. Bad luck, you must feel so ****** off. Feel for you mate.