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  1. The new Yaris gets pretty much universal praise from journalists and reviewers. I really want one due to the exceptional fuel economy and comfortable drive, but due to the price will have to wait for a few more used examples to come on to the market!
  2. Just to be pedantic, the newest Suzuki Swift hybrid now appears to be available as an automatic. I was looking at new Swifts on Auto Trader the other day and noticed they now do an auto hybrid.
  3. I've seen two new Yaris's on the road in the last week - a (filthy) dark red one overtook me on the motorway and a white one went past the house.
  4. I think driving towards the wind also reduces fuel consumption. I recently drove my Peugeot 208 on a long journey of mainly motorway miles - heading north, the same way as the wind direction, I achieved 60mpg on average for the 3hr journey (a record for me in this car), but on the return journey south got 54.2mpg. On that journey I was heading into the wind and could feel the car being shaken slightly by it at times.
  5. Sorry to bump a thread to bring up a post from a few years ago. The NEWEST Clio now only has a 42 litre fuel tank! I think my 2001 Clio had a 50 litre tank, as does my current petrol Peugeot 208, which on a full tank can achieve towards 500 miles on long journeys of around 55-60mpg. When looking for a new car my top priority is fuel economy as well as good miles covered on one tank of fuel - which the Peugeot 208 ticks all the right boxes in that regard - but newer cars' fuel tanks are shrinking, meaning the miles-per-tank isn't increasing much (despite better economy) or in some cases are get
  6. Did I read somewhere that EV mode in this new model stays on until around 70mph, as opposed to more like 40 or something in the previous model?
  7. What sort of MPG do you get in the (previous model) 1.5 Yaris Hybrid on the motorway?
  8. Thanks for the info. Yes, the standard automatic does seem less common than the hybrid when I've been looking at them for sale. Approximately how many miles do you get from a full tank of petrol to (not quite) empty, or what does the range mileage display generally say when full? I know this will vary depending on current driving style. Sounds good. I guess it's fairly similar to the 1.5 CVT.
  9. Is the current 1.5 automatic Yaris (standard, non-hybrid) recommended for long journeys? The Honest John Real MPG website suggests it has excellent fuel economy but I was wondering if it performed well on twisty country roads and motorways.
  10. Perhaps that's because yours is new and still needs running in? I understand brand new cars take a few thousand miles before settling down to a better MPG.
  11. Yes I have indeed seen that and is a reason I'm interested in the 1.5 Yaris as it seems to be one of the most fuel efficient new cars of its size and type. But I wondered how true this was before I buy one.
  12. I'm looking at buying the newest model 1.5 Yaris petrol and will be doing a fair bit of long distance driving, often in areas with few petrol stations. Of course it depends on driving style, but roughly what sort of mileage do you get out of a full tank of petrol for the 1.5? Or what does the trip computer display as the fuel range when you fill right up? Many thanks!
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