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  1. Hi, thank you for the advice, I have just found that the radio will not work in the UK apart from very few channels. Where did you buy a double din for £80 thats a great price!
  2. Hi i read last night when they get imported they disconnect they battery and now i radio needs a boot up CD, i wonder if this is correct? I'm the same as you and not bothered about the radio but my friend paid £5000 and want everything working and likes the radio on!!!
  3. HI, did you mange to get you radio working?
  4. Hi everyone. my friend who is not on the internet has just bought Toyota Estima 2004 in the UK and the radio not working. The radio is a CSE ND3A w54A and none of the button work when pressed. The screen comes on when the key is turned and stays on until turn the key off please help