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  1. Hello guys it is not a reversing sensor, but merely an INTERNAL ONLY bleeping coming from inside the steering wheel cowling. it is activated the moment you put the key in the ignition when the door is open and when you are in reverse gear. All it is basically doing is beeping to say: 1 - Your door is open! Your door is open! 2- You are in reverse! You are in reverse!.... Very annoying to anyone with half an idea of driving. Anyone else got this on their (Jap import) vehicle? thanks frank
  2. Hello Toyota people.. I have a 2001 Toyota Vitz which has an incredibly annoying feature of a beeper chiming away when the drivers door is open and when vehicle is in reverse. Is anyone able to advise me a procedure to disable this? I have thought about dismantling steering wheel locating the little speaker and disconnecting it or cutting it, but is there a better way? thanks frank.