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  1. Thank you Tony, I did contact one. The cost of the door was about £120 but shipping was £700 on top plus taxes. Seems a lot.
  2. Dear members, I have a 2004 Estima Aeras G Edition. The rear passenger (left) has a dent and scratch following an argument with a wall. I am finding it difficult to source a replacement. I am told that the mouldings at the bottom can be fitted to any estima aeras door. The dorr is electrically operated from a switch or FOB ( missing). Several body shop teams advise that they can repair the door but it will not be the same as working on an un dented door. Can anyone help me with this.
  3. Dear Forum, When my 2004, 2.4 petrol Aeras was imported, the garage changed the dash to mph, do you know if there is a way of showing mpg. I have a much earlier Yaris that does. Also, is it possible to get hold of a manual. By the way, I have imported two cars with Algys Autos and they have been perfect. Thank you
  4. dear Forum, I have a Toyota Estima Aeras G edition, 2004, 2.4 petrol Automatic. I recently caught the left side rear sliding door (electric) and now looking for a replacement door. Does anyone know where I may find one. I have tried several breakers but none have the correct mouldings at the bottom. Also, is there a source for the manuals of these cars.