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  1. Keep driving till it stops, then you can walk down the road with a can in your hand, then people can say what a tight blah blah blah ⛽
  2. Had mine nearly a month, washed it with a jet was, had loads of normal rain and downpours, no problems
  3. simon p

    Headlight Upgrade

    seems like you never get a straight answer here
  4. Ok, picked up car this morning, paid the salesman, then I asked have you got a manual for the car so that I can find out how the touch screen works and all the other things. He said manual in glove box, got in car no manual, went back in to the show room, I'll go and find you a manual with reluctance. Back in to car, drove of the forecourt, noticed tyre inflation light was on. Said to the misses I know where the reset button was, thanks to this forum. Noticed manual which I had been given was for the mark 1. Had a quick look in the boot for some reason just curious. Noticed that the car has had a puncture at some point and used the liquid and left everything scattered in the boot, not impressed. This is a Toyota dealer we are dealing with, went back in showroom and spoke to the salesman that sold me the car and he accused me of just trying to find fault, at this point I asked to see a manager as I was getting nowhere. Told sales manager about wrong manual I was given and the empty bottle. I explained that with all the money that I had just handed over and considering they say they do a through check. The tyre light would not have come on and the bottle for the puncture repair would not have been empty.The manager gave me a new bottle a mark 2 manual and apologized This all happened at 9.00 this morning. So getting back to why this forum is good, little things like the reset button has been invaluable. Thanks again. Oh and the car I'm quite impressed, but don't tell Toyota that. Now just a case of buying the little bits to make it mine.
  5. Hi all, new to the group, looking forward to reading all about these little babies