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  1. simon p

    Dim headlights

    Thank you for that little bit of information, I will remind the Toyota garage next time I get an MOT.
  2. simon p

    Dim headlights

    When I brought my car, first thing I noticed when going to work in the morning the lights were terrible, so read on here people were trying this and that different bulbs, still not impressed by what \ had brought. I ended up buying HID's best thing I have ever done for £68, people go on about if you have HID's it will fail the MOT, well mine hasn't failed. don't waste money on bulbs. Buy HID's and never look back,
  3. Have look for them but cannot find anything 😟
  4. Thanks, I will have to go on ebay and have a look
  5. Just came across your for sale section, just wondering if you still have your LED lights and what sort of condition they are in and what sort of price are you looking for. I take it they are for the UK market
  6. Go to the back of the class and look at the blackboard, don't turn around until you are told too. 😫
  7. I had Toyota ring me up today, asking would you like to have your car serviced, I said it had already been done, then they asked me who did it, I said I do all my own servicing and then she put the phone down, I have only had the car a year probably though another old fogie who doesn't know anything about cars, I like to do all my own work so that I know it is done probably and save money. ☺️
  8. Mine is in the shed at the bottom of the garden gathering dust, so I don't have to moan about it. hope this helps ☺️
  9. 145 people rate those bulbs, so there all breaking the law, whoop pee,
  10. they don't come with a jack, they come with a bottle of fluid and a compressor to pump it up. I went down the road and brought my own space saver wheel and a jack.
  11. I don't care what i get to the gallon, its still cheaper than filling my 3 litre diesel up, was mean't to be a spare care, now it is the main one. 😊
  12. I put disc's on the front and back of my BMW, 1 hour job, I get all my parts from Euro car parts. Bit like when I pop down to Halfords, people pay £6 to have a bulb put in or a wiper put on, outrageous prices.
  13. Keep driving till it stops, then you can walk down the road with a can in your hand, then people can say what a tight blah blah blah ⛽
  14. Had mine nearly a month, washed it with a jet was, had loads of normal rain and downpours, no problems
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