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  1. Wow, that's an excellent result 👍
  2. Here is a useful thread with comments on the Hybrid reliability :
  3. I assumed that SC489 meant the reported issue (mainly in the US) of not being about to get a lot of fuel into the car?
  4. 1. Assuming you are looking at a 4.5 (2019 onwards) there have been threads on MPG which I am struggling to find. There is something in this: 2. I find it a bit blustery at 70mph, but the best way to see if it's an issue for you is to get a test drive. 3. Toyota has a good repuation for reliability so I expect point 3 is OK, but other can comment. 4. I do not have the fuel tank issue. Filled up to the first click and when starting the car the guage is well above full and stays there for about 100 miles!! Hope this helps.
  5. Hi, I got the user guide with the car. It is a brief (around 150 to 200) page summary. Have you got a MyToyota account set up? With this you get full access to the proper user manual (around 750 pages). Although dozens of the pages are warnings or compliance notes in various languages
  6. Cheers. The colour is a lot better than I expected. Especially close up. How many miles gave you got up to?
  7. Picked up mine today too. Impressed so far. Did roughly 80 mile trip (in 2 40 parts) and got just under 53 mpg. Nice and quiet inside and impressed with the amount of telemetry. The trip information on MyT is better than I expected. It has the AVAS. You can just about hear it at low speed with the radio off. Got stuck in a bit of a tailback and it was great rolling along using battery power. The dealer said that during the car preparation, they added supagard by mistake, so that is an added bonus 😊
  8. Any idea what they need to do? I'm picking up mine Sunday and would like to get it sorted then.
  9. Hi Kingo. Well done for getting it sorted out. When are you getting the upgrade?
  10. Congratulations. Let me know what you think of the JBL. Looking forward to mine too - picking up a week Sunday 😁
  11. Nice one! I'm in a similar situation. Mine's been at the dealiers since around 27th Jan and I pick up on 1st March. I ordered 26th Sept. Do you know if yours has the AVAS?
  12. I was surprised too. Over 10% off despite being told a 5 month wait. I think ordering at the end of a quarter is useful.
  13. Hi, I was wondering how you got on with this? Is it all fixed?