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  1. Hi Philip Thanks, this is useful info on the media differences. Looking at the Toyota UK site for Rav4, if you click on the Mutlimedia box (which says "Explore our easy to use video guides to your All New RAV4 audio and entertainment system.") it takes you to: And this has a lot of info on Apple/Android integration. If I was ordering now, I'd be pretty annoyed if this is not included.
  2. Excellent!! That's an impressively quick delivery. I ordered only one month later than you, and still have an estimated 19 weeks to wait. It would be good to see your pictures as you have the same colour and similar spec to me.
  3. Congratulations!! When did you place the order and what spec? Still have just under 20 weeks to wait for my AWD Excel 😴
  4. Hi - welcome to the forum. It does seem that the Toyota UK Rav4 site does now link to the new version of the Infortainment system with Apple Car Play etc. So it looks like new order would have this. What delivery date have you been quoted?
  5. True, but I'd expect that the retailer would have checked with the manufacturer before entering into the agreement. So this suggests Car Play could be possible in March.
  6. I agree. I'm confused to say the least. Chish ha has a contractual agreement (see previous page) that he'll get his AWD model in March with Apple Car play. My AWD is due March too, but dealer is yet to confirm if I'll get it. Seems dealers struggling to get answers from Toyota Japan.
  7. Excellent, thanks
  8. Thanks, unfortunately I won't have a manual until about March 2020 😄
  9. The Toyota UK Rav4 site now links to a multimedia page that refers to Android Auto: Maybe it always did, but I don't think so. I think the RAV4 site had a revamp earlier in the week.
  10. Hi I have just found out that my favourite radio station is now only on DAB+ Does anyone know if the 2019 Rav4's radio is DAB+ ? Many thanks
  11. Thank you, that is good info from someone from the inter web 🤣 I'm crossing fingers that mine is 20.5!
  12. Hi Chris What you say ties in more with the previous advice on the Apple/Android changes and makes more sense. I see your delivery has slipped 4 weeks or so. Does this mean it will be a January build? I'm not sure of the timings, but I think I read somewhere that it takes 38-40 days for the cars to reach the UK from Japan on the ship. Maybe it's hidden within the 24 pages of this thread, but I wonder how long it takes for a car to get to the UK from the very start of the build stage. So, if they start building your car on 1st January 2020, roughly when would it get to the UK and then to the dealer?
  13. Hi Phill, I ordered almost the same car as you less than 4 weeks ago and have an estimated delivery of 13th March. It seems odd to me that in less than 4 weeks the delivery times have jumped 6 months! Strangely this does tie in with the date mentioned in the Apple Carplay/Android Auto thread about when cars with this functionality will be delivered:
  14. I'm getting the headlight alignment checked too. It was mentioned in another thread in the forum that a few have had issues with this. Very helpful advice on this forum 😎
  15. Another one for me to add to the PDI stage pre pick up. Nice!