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  1. I really hope that's correct, but I expect the dealer has made a mistake. Anyone who has just received their cars able to confirm what their car has?
  2. This has been updated today with a few more details : At the end it says details of pricing are to follow
  3. It will be available as a firmware upgrade soon. It's all in this thread:
  4. Excellent 🥳 Looking forward to seeing some pictures!
  5. I think I would call a dealer and find out the current lead time for new orders. Your delay sounds way too long compared to others.
  6. Hi Pete That's great information, thanks. I am considering all season tyres on mine for next winter.
  7. Hi Pete Without wishing to derail the thread, I wondered how you are finding your new tyres? I was wondering where you got them from and what you did with the nearly new Bridgestones) Maybe I can keep the thread on track by also asking if you noticed a difference in MPG immediately after having them fitted 😉 Thanks
  8. Sorry, I may have got that wrong 😩 There is a post in about page 27 of the thread of some who ordered in May 2019 a 2WD Pan Roof and got it Dec. Quite a wait but nothing like yours. It will be interesting to see what reason you are given.
  9. Hi - have you gone for the panoramic roof? I think I read this can lead to delays, but your delay does seem excessive.
  10. Hi, this thread may be worth a look
  11. In some ways I'm OK with a my19. I was not keen on having the acoustic change. I heard a trail of the sound they are adding to London buses and it sounded really odd. Although I have no idea of the planned Toyota sound. Maybe not politically correct but I like the idea of silence below 15mph.
  12. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's an indication of when it was built. It may not be a purely sequential number number (so may include check digits) so that you cannot just keep guessing other VINs. There are loads of sites with bits of information on, but i cannot find the details of our 0D code! This is quite useful (but a bit old):
  13. Hi Lee I've just got my VIN and I also have 0D as the 10th and 11th characters. I think the last 6 digits indicate the build number in that batch. Without giving away your exact details what is the range of the last 6 digits? Mine is between 050000 and 051000.
  14. I guess it's possible, but it seems odd to me as a VIN would surely be allocated during the build process in stamped on the plates in the car.
  15. Thanks. I have a asked the dealer for the VIN as he must surely know it by now.