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  1. Yeah same setup only with the corolla,just place a rag underneath as when you remove it a bit of oil will come out,there is a couple of videos on YouTube of remove it and cleaning
  2. I would use tec7,once it's hard the spoiler shouldn't budge
  3. From what I see they look like guide pins,you might need to drill a small hole,or if it is a strong glue you might not need to drill holes
  4. Yeah you can fit spoiler,I think they are just glued not sure if they have bolts in the spoiler,easy way around drilling holes in my opinion is to get whole boot door with spoiler from breakers yard
  5. I agree the ecu is holding the engine back,the intake sounds good has me a bit jealous as I wanted one like that but I have a air pump in the way and it's a tad bit to wet over here for it
  6. If it's cheaper and easier I'd go with that,also look at the intake manifold this could also be a restriction on the engine I'm not sure the sizes of 1zz vs 4zz,I think you might need to also change the gearbox to make the most out of the engine when you get it tuned,
  7. Change the ecu to a 1zz,only problem is ecu pins might differ if it's a celica ecu,injectors might be different size also
  8. You can get it replaced or depending on condition of turbo it can be refurbished,i have seen loads of adverts online for turbo refurbishment,
  9. The only problem with the cold air intake on a xrs is some of them pass through a hole that sits In the wheel arch,on a t sport there is a air pump sitting in this hole,I think the sportivo is the same as the xrs that it doesn't have the air pump,you can k&n or blitz intakes to fit the t sport
  10. That picture I think is from MCG here in ireland,they should stock this try check there website mcgautostyling.com
  11. From memory one on throttle body needs to be removed and capped,the rest can stay on the airbox,k&n typhoon do a downloadable instruction list on website,I can check later on car,sorry can do it now late for work
  12. Try clean your abs sensor as metal shavings can get stuck to the magnet and cause abs and vsc light to come on
  13. I think it is the same area, I seem to have aftermarket alarm fitted and pictures of switch I have seen is mounted to a bracket above connection shown,I think mine was removed to fit the alarm box to this bracket,seen the location on this forum,they where talking about bonnet raisers
  14. Just checked my own,same connection unplugged,but I dont seem to have bonnet alarm switch,but the connection is right behind the alarm box
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