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  1. airt

    Sat nav /bluetooth

    Yes everything else is working on the unit and I was asked was the reversing camera working and it is.
  2. airt

    Sat nav /bluetooth

    I disconnected the battery a few times sorting out a problem with the handbrake and now the sat nav and bluetooth will not load up.
  3. airt

    Sat nav /bluetooth

    thankyou I think I will just have to do without sat nav and bluetooth.thankyou for your reply.
  4. can anyone please tell me if there is a disc for the sat nav on a 2012 T27 radio touch and go 59005 ? Thanks
  5. I have a 2012 avensis and after a problem with disconnecting the battery too often the buletooth will not go on after checking the box on screen to turn it on and the satnav tries to start but wont any ideas please?.Thanks.
  6. I had a similar noise from my 2012 avensis justb after starting and then it would go on rev up. looking into the engine bay and behind the battery threr is a grey metal box with two lock down plugs I took them off and back on and locked down noise was gone.
  7. make sure the power plocks on the engine management console are locked down tight .
  8. airt


    I have a 2012 Avensis and have just cleared a problem with parking brake and VSC having the battery disconnected regulary over a number of weeks and now the Bluetooth and Satnav wont work and ideas please?
  9. Thankyou Konradcy will check it out.
  10. yes he was using a Snap on reader,thanks for the help.
  11. thankyou.must see what I can get.
  12. I had an avensis t3x and had similar problems ,Mine was a D4D and I cleaned the filter in theDiesel tank accessed under the back seat wax like gunk removed and problem gone.
  13. Any help to get these warning lights to stay off it is showing code C1201 and after clearing them about a week and then they are back again.Any help please.
  14. Konrad C thankyou so much for your help I was just away getting a new battery ,got it in and it would only lock the door .I then tried to open the second part of the key and got it opened slightly took cold feet and snapped it closed andthe key is working perfectly.Thanks again to you and Heidfirst.
  15. Heidfirst great job,Opened up and battery out for replacing ,thankyou so much for your help. .